A dream life doesn't mean a perfect life ๐Ÿ’–

I wrote a book called Designing Your Dream Life, that's a pretty big claim, that I have and can help other people live a Dream Life. So on the days when my life feels less-than-dreamy, I wonder, who exactly do I think I am?
But a dream life is simply living by intention and by a design of your own creation but it does NOT mean the following:
*Everything is perfect every day
*A life without struggle, fear, or challenges
*Always knowing what to do or how to do it
*Life cooperating...
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It's the little things, not the big things that create your dream life!

It’s the little things, not the big things that make your dream life!

Over the past couple of months for various reasons I’ve felt that my dream life has slipped away, at least the flow, time freedom, and not doing things I don’t want to do aspects of it. Which is pretty much all of it to me!

It’s a chicken and egg scenario as many things are! Did my scarcity mindset lead to this or did something I did/choose create a scarcity mindset? Either way, it’s a...

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Rethinking my social media presence

When is the last time you took a good look at your social media use? I did way back before covid and I didn't like what I saw.... I was wasting time, it was draining me of my energy and I was consuming rather than creating. Not ideal.

So I did a thirty-day app and social media detox, and it was amazing, I was reading more, creating more, my house was cleaner and I had more time to exercise too. It was taking up much more of my time and energy than I realized. 

Then covid hit, school was...

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Multiple Income Stream Goals!

One of my big goals for 2021 is to uplevel my income stream game. I think after 2020 we can all agree that it's important!

Some of my income streams are just getting started and are currently just a trickle (and this is when many people get discouraged and give up) but I know that that is how everything starts.

There's a lot of "smoke and mirrors" in the online business space, and over the years I've bought into a lot of it. Do this "formula" do these formatted webinars, just follow our easy,...

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My Favorite Online Business Tools

I've been creating and selling online since 2014, and I've tried a LOT of different strategies and tools. Any online venture, in my opinion, needs at least the following structures in place:

  • A basic website with a blog
  • A way to accept payments
  • A way for people to join your email list
  • Content delivery/hosting

These can be done in a variety of creative ways. I've used Weebly for websites, simple PayPal buttons (or links) and ejunkie for payments, Mailchimp, Ontraport, Active Campaign, and...

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Knowing When to Press Pause

Knowing when to pause is one of the most important skills in business and in life! Have you ever set something aside and when you went back to it, it made so much more sense or just seemed to flow (like this email for example)?

Yesterday I was struggling with a website page I was building, I got frustrated and decided to work on something else, and when I looked at it again this morning I saw a few settings that I wasn't even seeing before.

I've been trying to change my Facebook page for...

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12 Books in 12 Months Can I do it?

This year I'm writing 12 New Books! It's a huge goal, and I think I can do it. It's March 5 and I'm currently on book four, I started with a few drafts that have been half done and languishing on my computer, and I have lists and lists of other books I would love to write!

I'm writing them for several reasons:

  • to share things that I feel I want to share,
  • to help people and inspire,
  • to create an income stream,
  • and to attract new clients for my paid programs and email list.

I was inspired by...

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Promoting my business without Facebook Ads Update

I've used Facebook ads (along with other marketing strategies) for the past 6 years to grow my online business Massage and Spa Success. For this year (2021) I've decided to take a break for financial reasons and to get myself out of my comfort zone with marketing.

I don't think it's a wise business decision to put all your eggs in one basket, especially an expensive one! Check out the first post in this series here 

It's February 22, and I thought I would update you on what I have...

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Elevate with a Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home or Office

Hi I'm Gael Wood Feng Shui Consultant certified through The International Feng Shui School

I can help you to create a healthy and supportive home or business so you can thrive in every area of life.

We spend 80% (or more) of our time indoors and our environment impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Correcting stuck or stagnant energies in our spaces will create an optimal place to live and work for you and your loved ones.

Your Home is a Sacred Place
When energy or chi...

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Not cool, spiritual bypassing AF!!

gael wood mindset money taxes Feb 01, 2021

I joined a group this year, it's a money-making challenge that has been getting me to think outside the box, inspiring me, and has overall been fun and helpful. Today, I asked a question about taxes, curious about how other people were thinking about handling the tax question if/when they get to that point in the challenge, and I was met with a very harsh response! 

- "You shouldn't be freaking out over things that haven't happened yet"

-"You should check your energy before you post in...

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