Welcome June! Journaling prompts and intention setting for June

journaling life mindset Jun 01, 2024

June is here, and I am ready!

This morning, I was thinking of a few fun journaling prompts for welcoming June and the light energy of summer. These are in addition to my normal monthly and money goals.

How do I want to feel in June?

What am I most looking forward to in June? 

What can I do to make life easier and bring in the "lazy days of summer" vibes despite a pretty packed schedule?

Who do I want to spend time with in June? 

What do I want to do more of in June? (Reading and Gardening come to mind!)

What do I want to do less of? (cooking and getting up early, lol! I just learned that my cousin does not cook on the weekends, and I think I might borrow that plan).

Do I want to make a summer bucket list this year or "go with the flow?"

How can I be more mindful and present in June?

How can I Bloom Where I'm Planted? 

We are five months into the year! What am I most proud of so far this year?

What am I most grateful for from May? What would I like to do differently this month?

Feel free to use these June journaling prompts to get you started with your reflection and intention setting!


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