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reach your their full potential through business building, elevated mindset and the art and science of Feng Shui.

Hi I'm Gael,

Seven years ago I started a journey to make over my life! I was burned out, in debt, unwell, and I needed to find another way before I ended up sicker or divorced…. Today, I live in my dream house, have location and time freedom, do work I love and feel amazing. That is what I want for you too.
On my path I have gone from an overworked massage therapist to finding success online with writing, teaching, and coaching I have learned and used mindset and journaling strategies, marketing and business skills, and Feng Shui together to create my dream life!  
I have been on the cover of a magazine, inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame, and worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world. In 2019 I finished my certification as a Feng Shui consultant. 

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Creating your dream life doesn't happen by accident, and it doesn't happen by reacting to the world around you. It happens by design. Join me for this powerful seven day program and get clear on what your dream life looks like.


How can I help you?

I can help you realize your full potential through starting a new business or adding additional streams of income to your current business, reducing stress and upleveling your motivation with simple and powerful mindset and self care habits, and creating a high vibe and supportive environment where you can thrive through Feng Shui.

Want to ELEVATE your life? Join my membership

Want to ELEVATE your life?

Elevate every aspect of your life with the ELEVATE membership!

ELEVATEd Environment

- The Decluttering Deep Dive 6-Week Course
- Digital Decluttering Ecourse
- Intentional Feng Shui for each of 9 areas of the Bagua
- Feng shui for every room of the house
- Feng Shui for Abundance
- Feng Shui for Love
- Feng Shui for events and holidays

ELEVATEd Mindset & Selfcare

- Ask and Receive Journey
- Monthly Self-Care Focus
- Ending overwork, creating support systems and receiving help
-Unapologetic Self-LOVE
- Saying NO and setting boundaries
- Routines that support and nourish you
- Choosing what to let go
- Creating Your Dream Life
- Morning Routines

ELEVATEd Business

- Ebook Writing Course
- Online Business, and Course Creation
- Creating New Income Streams
- Becoming an Idea Machine
- Daily Habits and Sales Activities
- Getting Podcast Interviews
- Building Your Mailing List
- Social Media Marketing
- Content Creation Secrets
- Reusing Repurposing Recycling Marketing Content
- Flash Sale Case Study
- Email List Opt-in
- PLR Content

and more...!


Videos, Blog & Podcast

Your business, your thoughts, and your environment are all related and all work together to create your life! To uplevel in any area we have to uplevel in all areas. Check out my blog and podcast for ideas to ELEVATE your business and life 

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