Elevate with a Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home or Office

​Hi I'm Gael Wood Feng Shui Consultant certified through The International Feng Shui School

​I can help you to create a healthy and supportive home or business so you can thrive in every area of life.

​We spend 80% (or more) of our time indoors and our environment impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Correcting stuck or stagnant energies in our spaces will create an optimal place to live and work for you and your loved ones. ​

Your Home is a Sacred Place
When energy or chi can’t flow through a home, it can cause health issues, relationship tension, work stagnation and financial lack. This concept is similar to Acupuncture, blocked or stagnant Chi can cause fatigue and compromise the immune system causing health issues. The same applies in your home or office.

How do you feel in your home or office?

  • Do you feel safe, happy, and relaxed in your space?
  • Is your mind clear and your body restored?
  • Or do you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or stuck?

Quantum physics shows us that everything is made of energy. With Feng Shui, we enhance our lives with sacred practices and scientific remedies.

We can create our spaces to upgrade how we feel.

A positive flow of energy leads to our joyous and abundant life.

Feng Shui is a practical technique for manipulating Ch’i or Energy to improve prosperity, marriage, luck of career, family, children, education, community respect, and health among other things.

It is the art & science of making the energy environment so supportive that one’s attitude, opportunities, and luck automatically change for the better.

Classical Feng Shui is the original form of Feng Shui. Every home has a unique energy blueprint. A Feng Shui Consultation analyzes the chi flow of a home or office by looking at the direction the building faces, the time it was created, and the current year (time and space).

This creates the energy blueprint for your building. We then suggest remedies using the 5 elements, Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, and Water to enhance positive chi flow and reduce negative energies.

Consultations also include:

Decluttering Plan

Disorder blocks energy flow. If your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. Let go of things that no longer serve you and experience clear thinking and a peaceful environment.

Space Clearing
Space clearing is a traditional way of removing negative energies from a home and refreshing the space. During a space clearing, we may use sage, palo santo, chimes, singing bowls, bells, crystals, essential oils, candles, meditation, and intentions.

Every space clearing is unique based on the space and the goals of the client. You'll also learn how to clear your space so that you can continue as needed.


Have a look at our Homestudy Course on Decluttering Here


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