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 Come along with Life Design expert Gael Wood who will hold your hand and guide you to creating your unique dream life in the areas of your career, health, family, finances, your home, and more.

Taking the first step toward change is hard without having clarity and a plan and that’s where the Designing Your Dream Life Workbook comes in.

Author, Gael Marie Wood, has been in this place before and she re-designed her life. In doing so she created amazing tools and clarity questions to help you figure out what you really want from life and then to create it.


From Fear Driven to Fearless by Gael Wood

$4.99 USD

All The Tools You Need To Stop Fear From Running Your Life...

A book by Gael Wood.

Packed with tips and exercises on getting past the fears and worries that are currently holding you back, this book is an invaluable tool for anyone who feels like their life could be so much more, if they could only get over the fear of actually changing it!

Can you really change your life for the better?

The answer is a definite yes. Getting there begins with facing up to your fears and hurdling right over them… 


 Declutter Your Beliefs and Create Your Dream Life $4.99

In this book, Gael explains:

  • What beliefs are, and where they come from.
  • Common limiting beliefs and how to un-learn them.
  • How to be more positive.
  • Getting other people on board.
  • Integrating your new beliefs and living them.

Declutter Your Schedule and Create Your Dream Life $4.99

With easy-to-follow exercises, steps and tips, this is the book for you if you’ve ever got to the end of the day and felt as if you’ve been busy - but achieved nothing. It’s the perfect book for you if you keep finding yourself putting things you really want to do on the back burner because you just don’t have the time to fit them in. 

This book is absolutely for you if you are ready to re-evaluate how you spend your time and energy and want to make positive changes. 


Get started with 5 eBook Bundle & Book Bonuses Today for $24.99

1. The Designing Your Dream Life Workbook

2. The Gratitude Habit

3. From Fear Driven to Fearless

4. Declutter Your Beliefs and Create Your Dream Life

5. Declutter Your Schedule and Create Your Dream Life


Homestudy Courses

Decluttering Deep Dive 

It’s time to let go of the old and make room for the new with this 6-week home-study course. 



Decluttering Your Beliefs and Your Schedule $29!

You get lifetime access to the replays of these mini-workshops.

Included for Free when you join ELEVATE.


Digital Decluttering Course $49

Declutter your Computer, Emails, Photos, Apps and more!



Money Flow and Marketing Flow 

If you are ready to drop the struggle, the feast or famine money cycle, procrastinating on your marketing because of resistance or uncertainty these workshops are for you! 


10 Day Intention Setting Challenge $49

Keep your true goals and dreams front and center EVEN if they seem impossible right now.

Learn to use these practical techniques for intention setting to create your dream life in just a few minutes a day.



Online Business Buildout Workshop 

Are you ready to say goodbye to money stress and trading your time for dollars? I was too. 

...I don't talk a lot about some of my successes because I feel like I'm bragging, but I want you to know that this is available for you. If I can do it you can too and I want to show you exactly how to get started, by sharing my story and the steps to creating the online business of your dreams!


Ask & Receive

Asking is not easy, especially for so many of us who were taught that it's actually rude, inappropriate, or wrong in some way to ask for what we want need, and desire, and as a result, we either don't ask or we ask for a lesser version of what we really want, and what we end up with in that case is a lesser version of the life we want. 

I am calling bullshit on this!! You CAN and SHOULD ask for what you want/need/desire.  


Memberships and Subscriptions


Are You Ready to Start Living Your Dream Life? 

The Elevate Membership program includes the tools and support necessary for transformation in every area of life!

  •  Live Training and Group Coaching (new topics each month) 

  • The ELEVATE Course Library, Business, Mindset, and Coaching  

  • Onboarding Strategy Session with Gael

  • VIP Upgrade with monthly one to one coaching 
The Monthly Challenge Club!

$9.95 Monthly

The Monthly Challenge Club

Monthly challenges that help you to reach your full potential through success habits and exploration!

Each challenge will feature 10+ episodes to educate, inspire and motivate! It's like having a coach in your pocket :) 


Coaching & Consulting with Gael Wood

Coaching & Mentoring with Gael Wood

I love helping my clients to create new income streams, the transition from a "hands-on" business to an online or hybrid model, finding and attracting new opportunities, writing and publishing books, all while living life in alignment with their values and priorities. If you are ready to create your Dream Life, you are in the right place!


Marketing Content Libraries

Payment plans available!

Done-for-you images and content for Massage Therapists and Estheticians created by a dually-licensed massage therapist and esthetician. This is the content you would create yourself if you had time!


Holiday Marketing Content Libraries

Payment plans are available!

Done-for-you images and content for Massage Therapists and Estheticians created by a dually-licensed massage therapist and esthetician. This is the content you would create yourself if you had time!