Elevate with Gael New Podcast Interview with Lilli Badcock

I'm excited to share that my podcast has a new name a new look and a new episode! Join Lilli Badcock of lillibadcock.com and Gael Wood of elevatewithgael.com for an honest look at online business "smoke and mirrors" marketing, investing in yourself, and believing in yourself. I had so much fun talking with Lilli about all of the options out there and some of our wins, failures, and reasons to invest in learning and using discernment when deciding why and who to invest with. 

Listen here https://anchor.fm/elevatewithgael/episodes/Online-Business-Reality-Chat-with-Lilli-Badcock-ek1evn

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How I Overcame My Fear of Writing

business ebooks writing May 19, 2020

Picture it: the mountains of North Carolina, 2013 an overworked mom and massage therapist is ready to change her life, and she buys a planner…..

 That’s how my career as an online entrepreneur began. As I worked through the planner, I began to feel that my life could be more, that I could do something different, have more time with my family and maybe even make some money online!  I had a vague Idea of sharing what I had learned in my then 18 years as a massage therapist and esthetician with people that were just getting started. Maybe I could write an ebook or teach some classes.

 There was just one problem, I would have to write, and I was terrible at writing. I was sure of this because I had believed it for so long. In school I didn’t get good grades on my English papers, and I hated everything about learning sentence structure, and trying to write reflections on The Scarlett Letter. I wanted to write in plain English and call a spade a spade, so...

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