Letter from Gael

I understand how you are feeling right now..... You are SO READY for your life to change, to grow, to expand, but it all seems "out there" and impossible. Who are you to ask for more anyway? More money each month would make things so much easier, more fun, more time with your family, more saving and security, and LESS stress.

I know you see people everywhere, writing, creating, selling online and you wonder if it's real, and could you do that too? Could you actually just start a business just making stuff, selling it, helping people, talking to people, shining your light, using your creativity, working from anywhere, and everywhere! I get it because it can seem like everyone and their brother is hawking their "thing" on the internet, yep there are plenty of fakers, and you are not that at all. Of course, we both know that.

I know what it's like to feel, burnt out, tired, wondering if this is all, it's like pushing a wheelbarrow of wet mud up a hill day after day but with bits of joy...

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2021 Promoting my businesses without Facebook Ads Post 1

In 2021 I'm focusing on building my businesses and income streams WITHOUT Facebook ads, I'll be blogging and making videos along the way sharing my progress and what I'm learning. Updating titles, descriptions, and links on 57 YouTube videos took a full day, but I'm already seeing an increase in views!

The reason I've decided to stop (or take a one year break) is that 1. Facebook ads just keep getting more expensive, and since I want to keep my prices very reasonable and help as many people as possible, I need to revisit my marketing strategy. 2. My goal is to plant seeds and put out content that has more staying power than an ad that scrolls on by. 3. I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, learn new things, and test different types of marketing. 

I am mostly focusing on no cost (except for my time which is a cost) and low cost marketing . 

Other ideas I'm working on are:

  • Guest blogging, I joined The Wellness Universe and they allow members to submit...
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Elevate with Gael New Podcast Interview with Lilli Badcock

I'm excited to share that my podcast has a new name a new look and a new episode! Join Lilli Badcock of lillibadcock.com and Gael Wood of elevatewithgael.com for an honest look at online business "smoke and mirrors" marketing, investing in yourself, and believing in yourself. I had so much fun talking with Lilli about all of the options out there and some of our wins, failures, and reasons to invest in learning and using discernment when deciding why and who to invest with. 

Listen here https://anchor.fm/elevatewithgael/episodes/Online-Business-Reality-Chat-with-Lilli-Badcock-ek1evn

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