It's the little things, not the big things that create your dream life!

It’s the little things, not the big things that make your dream life!

Over the past couple of months for various reasons I’ve felt that my dream life has slipped away, at least the flow, time freedom, and not doing things I don’t want to do aspects of it. Which is pretty much all of it to me! ❤

It’s a chicken and egg scenario as many things are! Did my scarcity mindset lead to this or did something I did/choose create a scarcity mindset? Either way, it’s a snowball effect!

As I made small changes that led to me having a little less time, feel a little less abundant, I felt more anxious, less confident, and how do you imagine I was showing up in my business? Not like a super attractor, that’s for sure. I felt off, and it just kept compounding!

Just as one latte or dinner out won’t usually wreck your monthly budget, any individual change in life doesn’t determine whether you live your dream life. It’s how those changes affect you energetically and practically.

Saying, “I can’t have lattes, no more lattes!” isn’t the answer even though it might seem to be.

Maybe the lattes actually help you to make money? Maybe you can create a coffee drink at home that makes you feel even better it’s simply a nonnegotiable? Only you know your energy.

We think it’s the latte but it’s actually how the latte makes us FEEL! When we have the feeling the latte and the money are neither here nor there!

My biggest Dream Life quality that I desire is freedom, I’ve found things that work for me to give me a high level of time, location, and creative freedom, but it isn’t about the virtual assistant, the grocery delivery, the house cleaning service, the meal delivery, those things are all nice, but they aren’t the way, they are simply a way, out of infinite choices and possibilities. 💗

The Designing Your Dream Life Workbook helps you to get clear on the qualities of your dream life, so you can start living it NOW, not when you have more time, more money, older children, a smaller butt, a fancier website, or anything else!

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