Aspirational Clutter

decluttering feng shui Feb 27, 2020

Sometimes we buy things with high hopes and good intentions of becoming a better versions of ourselves.

Maybe it was those kitchen appliances that were supposed to help us to create healthy gourmet meals and lose weight, art supplies to whip up lovely creations to give for holiday gifts, model car kits for snow days at home with our kid, the belly dancing fitness system or perfect planner system that was to keep us organized, on track and ticking off all of our goals. 

We've all been there, and we buy these things with the best of intentions, but what happens when we don't use them? Several things can happen from here, we might feel guilty and down on ourselves and our inner self talk might sound something like this "You are so flaky, you're always wasting money, you never follow through with things!"  Not thoughts that will help us thrive right? 

We might shove these things away, with the idea that "someday when I have more time" they will get put to good use, so then...

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