Keeping the faith while creating your dream business and life

The reason many people don't take action and risks in their business and life is a lack of faith or a fear-based mindset. The truth is, it's hard to keep going without any promise of a good outcome, it's a bit scary. What if I lose money, waste my time, embarrass myself, have to go work at Mcdonald's, or lose everything?

Wow, our minds can be SO DRAMATIC!

Yes, there are uncertainties and unknowns but they are rarely as dramatic as we tend to think they are. Here are some of the beliefs I use...

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Two Wins and a Flop!

It's almost the end of May and I wanted to share some of my business wins this month, an epic flop, a great new free gift for anyone interested in writing/becoming a writer and some new tools and resources that I'm trying. May has felt like a bit of a roller coaster to me and from some of the posts I'm seeing in groups and emails I'm receiving I am not the only one!

First two wins!

1. Earlier this month I put together a special bundle combining my course Launch Your CE Teaching...

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Five fun things! Friday June 17

fun gael wood life unwinding Jun 17, 2022

Life is just so much finer and more fun when you are being kind to yourself! You know I'm right about that.

Focusing on the positive in various ways is part of my gratitude practice, and so today I decided to find 5 fun things that happened in spite of or along with the stress of the week.

Looking back I do think some of my stress was just a "post-wedding crash". It was a lot of time, money, peopling and my introverted heart/mind/body/soul needed time to rest and recover, not to mention...

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