10 Great Book Ideas for YOU to create!

There are so many reasons to write a book, I've highlighted some of them in this post here. But, if you are still looking for the perfect idea, this post is for you! Try brainstorming several ideas for each category and see what you come up with. 

1. The How To Book

Whatever you are good at, there are millions of people who struggle with that exact thing, and they are looking for help. From party planning to helping children learn to read, keeping a clean house, traveling the world, or...

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10 Reasons YOU should write a book!

Writing a book can be transformative on so many levels! I know for myself I gained confidence, new opportunities, and new clients and students.

Writing a book is a journey that very few people ever attempt, in fact, 97% of people who start a book don't finish it and .0086% of people have a published book. 

 Creating and publishing a book is a big project, I won't lie, but it's doable and if I can do it I honestly feel like anyone can. A few years ago I didn't even think that I...

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12 Books in 12 Months Can I do it?

This year I'm writing 12 New Books! It's a huge goal, and I think I can do it. It's March 5 and I'm currently on book four, I started with a few drafts that have been half done and languishing on my computer, and I have lists and lists of other books I would love to write!

I'm writing them for several reasons:

  • to share things that I feel I want to share,
  • to help people and inspire,
  • to create an income stream,
  • and to attract new clients for my paid programs and email list.

I was inspired by...

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