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12 Books in 12 Months Can I do it?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2021

This year I'm writing 12 New Books! It's a huge goal, and I think I can do it. It's March 5 and I'm currently on book four, I started with a few drafts that have been half done and languishing on my computer, and I have lists and lists of other books I would love to write! I'm writing them for several reasons, to share things that I feel I want to share, to help people and inspire, to create an income stream, and to attract new clients for my paid programs and email list.

I was inspired by Michelle Kulp an author who is doing the same thing. She was inspired when she heard that the average six-figure self-published author on Amazon has 28 published products.  

Just writing books and putting them on Amazon doesn't work if you want to make money, I know because I already have four published books that don't make anything most months on Amazon. I do sell many Ebooks directly on my Massage and Spa Success website, over $20,000 worth, but those sales are to people who already know enough about me to be at my website shopping. With Amazon being the world's biggest marketplace it is a great place to get in front of new readers and potential clients.

There's a strategy to a successful book launch, hitting the bestseller lists, writing a great book description and I'm very excited to be learning all about it in Michelle's course Best Selling Author Program. I highly recommend it! It's one of the few classes I feel like I have learned loads of new and applicable information from lately. 

Writing a book and publishing a book is just the beginning! There are Amazon search keywords, placing your book in the best categories, your book description and Author page, a book launch, and then keeping it on the bestsellers lists and selling. I like a challenge and I'm excited to learn and grow through publishing and launching 12 new books in 2021.

My first book launch is scheduled for March 18, and I have two other books in various stages of editing and formatting, as well as another that I'm currently writing. It's a lot of work requiring self-discipline and a big learning curve, but I am optimistic and excited to see how it goes!

Whatever your big goals and dreams are, know that I'm cheering for you. As my mission statement says, I help people to create their dream lives while being an example of what is possible. 

Have an amazing day!



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