Weekend Room Redo Decluttering and Feng Shui


Last fall I tackled my son's room, it was out of control, and I thought he needed an update to more of a big kid room. I had three days, and a limited budget but I am so pleased with the results! Check out the video above and the progress videos for some inspiration and ideas for your home. He loved it! 

I started with a MAJOR declutter, you can check out that progress here with some decluttering tips 

Next, even more, decluttering and a few things I purchased here 


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20 Clutter Free and Less Clutter Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for the perfect gift but don't want to give anyone more STUFF check out these

20 Clutter-Free and Less Clutter Creative Gift Ideas!

These are great for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. As a Feng Shui Consultant, I know most people just have too much stuff! The ideas on this list are all about experiences, not things, and will make your holiday shopping easier and more fun. Less stress for you and more JOY for your loved ones.

1. A Digital Magazine...

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Slow down to speed up!

Sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up. The magic happens in the gap. Inspiration and the best ideas rarely come when we are pushing, hustling, and doing all the things in order to MAKE the result we want happen. 

It’s often when we release, let go and get into the flow of learning, growing, and taking positive action in any area that we then become magnetic to the very thing that we want in the first place.

Going to a networking event with the lighthearted expectation...

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Your Secret Success Weapon: Feng Shui! This Passionate Life Podcast Interview with Stephanie Zito

Feng Shui is your secret weapon to success and better relationships. 

Join me in this fascinating chat with Gael Wood, Feng Shui consultant, who helps people attract abundance and luck through the art and science of Feng Shui. Did you know your house or home office could have money leaks? 

Gael walks us through what areas of the home support our fame or reputation, love, helpful people and travel, career, family and health and what to do to support each of these areas.  


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Declutter Your Mind Interview with Lilli Badcock of the Waking Up to Purpose Podcast

In this episode, I sat down with the wonderful Gael Wood, who is a Feng Shui Expert and Decluttering Diva!

Gael and I met in an online group a couple of years ago and having worked together several times since we are now also friends.

Gael shared some absolute GOLD in this episode about how to tackle the clutter and disarray in your home that may well be contributing to the unrest in your mind.

If you are not a fan of tidying up and you're worried this might not be for you, BELIEVE me when I...

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Aspirational Clutter

decluttering feng shui Feb 27, 2020

Sometimes we buy things with high hopes and good intentions of becoming a better versions of ourselves.

Maybe it was those kitchen appliances that were supposed to help us to create healthy gourmet meals and lose weight, art supplies to whip up lovely creations to give for holiday gifts, model car kits for snow days at home with our kid, the belly dancing fitness system or perfect planner system that was to keep us organized, on track and ticking off all of our goals. 

We've all been...

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