Weekend Room Redo Decluttering and Feng Shui

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

Last fall I tackled my son's room, it was out of control, and I thought he needed an update to more of a big kid room. I had three days, and a limited budget but I am so pleased with the results! Check out the video above and the progress videos for some inspiration and ideas for your home. He loved it! 

I started with a MAJOR declutter, you can check out that progress here with some decluttering tips https://vimeo.com/499309974/49ec4618c6

Next, even more, decluttering and a few things I purchased https://vimeo.com/499312760/b431d58cdd

More progress and paint, I love an accent wall for a quick and easy room update. A few Feng Shui ideas for trigram 1 and the NorthEast area


Morning Update, paint is done, we're getting there! https://vimeo.com/499310354/8adbaac526

The final reveal, I'm thrilled with the results. https://vimeo.com/499315553/c7873d36a9

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