Slow down to speed up!

Sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up. The magic happens in the gap. Inspiration and the best ideas rarely come when we are pushing, hustling, and doing all the things in order to MAKE the result we want happen. 

It’s often when we release, let go and get into the flow of learning, growing, and taking positive action in any area that we then become magnetic to the very thing that we want in the first place.

Going to a networking event with the lighthearted expectation that it will be fun, and you’ll make some new friends and learn about them and their businesses is so much more likely to get the “result” of attracting a new client than the attitude of I MUST get a new client booked in or this event was a waste of my time. 

I’ve attracted new clients by cleaning out closets, going to lunch, returning missed calls with no message left (my $30,000 phone call), getting lost in my work, and flipping the switch into gratitude (with an apology from my ungrateful self, the phone rang moments later)

Because it’s an energy thing, and an energy thing an energy thing! The more you need it, want it, and try to make it happen the more you push it away.

Of course, you should show up and do the practical work, no one can call you if you don’t have a phone if they don’t see you and know that you have something to offer, but also simultaneously, let go, relax and trust YOURSELF and trust the process. 

Ask and Receive is here! I'm so excited :)

What if the real reason you don't have everything you want in life is simply that you haven't asked for enough?
We are "programmed" to ask for what we think we can/should have, to be realistic and reasonable, and to stay safe from rejection and what other people might think.

Let's install a new program! Good things come to those who ASK.

Things, money, help and support, discounts, upgrades, opportunities and so much more come to those who ASK.

Asking is not easy, especially for so many of us who were taught that it's actually rude, inappropriate, or wrong in some way to ask for what we want need, and desire, and as a result, we either don't ask or we ask for a lesser version of what we really want, and what we end up with in that case is a lesser version of the life we want.

Uplevel your asking, uplevel your receiving, join Ask and Receive here


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