Daily Messages (Feb 20 - Feb 26) How I Learned to Love Marketing, Procrastination, 5 Fun Things and more!

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How I Learned to love marketing 

I haven't always loved marketing. I thought it was a necessary evil. I knew I had to get the word out about my business, but I worried that I would waste my money, bother people, or be seen negatively.

Growing up, I didn't know any entrepreneurs. And the sales profession was generally regarded in our household as something you needed to be wary of. I certainly didn't want to be anything like the car salesman and other salespeople whose jobs were to extract more money from you than necessary and rip you off somehow.

So you can probably see where I would have a lot of resistance to marketing and promoting myself.

As a single mom and business owner who desired a busy massage and skincare practice, I needed to figure out marketing.

One day I was at Sam's Club and purchased a set of motivational CDs. One of those CDs had a presentation by Zig Ziglar. In that presentation, he shared a story of not selling his product which happened to be pots and pans, to someone because he thought they wouldn't be able to afford it. At the same time, these pots and pans were known to improve the nutritional quality of food. And the man that he didn't try to sell the pots and pans to was very upset and offended that he was denied the opportunity to provide the best for his family.

 There was a lot of other good stuff on that CD, but that story made me realize that marketing, promoting, and selling is step one in helping people.

 We can't help people through what we do if they don't know about us and if we don't share how we can help them. We can only do that by showing up.

 This was my mindset breakthrough. After that, it was a game on. I wanted to learn and try new marketing strategies, and through this process, I fell in love with marketing.

 I realized marketing is fun, creative, and a being of service. I loved trying new things seen if they worked. And when they worked, I made money and got to work with the most wonderful people! 

Procrastinating and Fun :)

Today I realized I was procrastinating by taking a shower, lol! We all need to shower, but many "things we need to do" can also be procrastination.

Check out this short video to learn how you might be sneakily procrastinating >>  When procrastinating looks like productivity. Daily Marketing with Gael - Insights, Ideas, and Implementation #7 

And, since it's Friday πŸ₯³ I'm sharing my five fun things! 

1. Yoga with my Chiropractor friends on Sunday. Yep, they are both Chiropractors, and we all went to high school together. It's amazing how we look so much younger than everyone else from high school πŸ€£ Great way to start the week πŸ’—

2. Lighting up the lives of high school girls in Burundi, Africa. My mom is there now, and we arranged for the Dreaming for Change scholarship recipients to have solar lights so they can study after dark. Here's a video of the girls receiving their lights.

3. I started watching New Amsterdam. I haven't had a new show to watch in a while, and it's been nice to have one for some chill-out time.

4. A friend brought me flowers for no reason. 

5. We had some warm weather, and I walked with another friend. I also cleaned my water fountain in the front yard and it's looking great!

Friends, giving, and good weather. That's a good week πŸŒž

I LOVE helping people make more money! I love seeing how that money changes lives. Your life, the lives of your loved ones, and everyone whom you choose to give to and support. I think we all know that money isn't about money. It's about dreams, security, and the ability to invest in yourself and your future. 

Why it feels like your marketing isn't working

The #1 key to success in marketing is consistency, but it's challenging to keep going and be consistent when it feels like things aren't working. So, I want to share some of the immeasurable, long-term, and not so easy to measure results of your marketing and sales activities. 

It may feel like your marketing isn't working because we can only measure and get immediate results from a small percentage of our efforts. 

What if?

10% of your marketing had immediate, measurable results.

Then, you might think that only 10% is working, and if 90% is NOT working. Because of this perception, how would you show up? 

But what if this was happening (it is!)?

10% of your efforts were going towards long-term results

10% was raising awareness of your business and brand

10% helped people to gain a better understanding of what you offer

10% Grew your list/audience of future customers and clients

10% Reminded existing clients to book, buy or start thinking about it

10% Attracted new networking and referral partners

10% Helped you to filter out non-ideal clients

and only 10% did nothing? Then how would you hustle, show up and move through the day? 

Flip the script "90% or more of my marketing efforts are working," then move forward in faith and confidence!

 πŸ’– Gael 




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