10 Awesome things you can do today for your mental health!

If you are feeling stressed with the busyness of life and a long to-do list. Try some of these ideas to lighten your load a bit! I was inspired to create this list when I realized a Facebook group I had recently joined was not a great place for me to be, I left the group and felt so much better.

I hadn't realized the impact seeing these generally negative memes were having on me, it was a snarky group of complainers, that were occasionally funny, but the negatives outweighed the laughs.

1. ...

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Making Everyday Day a Great Day!

Whenever I'm feeling frustrated or out of sorts (aka out of alignment), it's usually because I've been doing too much, and focusing on the wrong things. It's natural to notice what's going wrong rather than all of the things going right! Studies show that we humans actually have a negativity bias!

Instead of seeing the three drawers, we have already decluttered, we see the seven we have left and feel overwhelmed about it.

I decided, knowing that the little things are the big things, to ask...

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