Making Everyday Day a Great Day!

Whenever I'm feeling frustrated or out of sorts (aka out of alignment), it's usually because I've been doing too much, and focusing on the wrong things. It's natural to notice what's going wrong rather than all of the things going right! Studies show that we humans actually have a negativity bias!

Instead of seeing the three drawers, we have already decluttered, we see the seven we have left and feel overwhelmed about it.

I decided, knowing that the little things are the big things, to ask myself two questions.

What would make most days good days? and What would make today a good/great day? I plan to ask the second one each morning in my journaling. I think it will lead to being more proactive and mindful about calling a friend to go for a walk, getting my guys psyched for a family game night, finishing my reading lists, and recognizing when I need self-care.

For the first question I came up with this list:

1. Having ME time in the morning for journaling, reading, coffee, and just being.
2. Having clear goals for the day that feel purposeful and some that are moving me towards completing important to me projects.
3. Spending time with my husband and family.
4. Getting my steps in!
5. Having contact with a friend (not via social media posts).
6. Spending some time outdoors.
7. Eating healthy tasty meals.
8. Money coming in!
9. Learning something new.
10. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

I think if I can tick the first nine boxes each day, #10 will certainly take care of itself. :)

Exactly how I will do these things each day will take a little thought and planning. However, knowing your basic great day qualities is a great start. For example, if I have a busy day, I could plan an early walk outside to get a jump start on my steps. Family time one day might be calling my sister and another day taking my son out for tacos.

Having intentions like these are a way to shift your energy and call in more of what you desire for your life because of course, the little things are the big things.

For the daily question, what would make today a good/great day? We can focus more specifically on our outcomes for that day. Which work projects do I want to make progress on? Where and when will I walk? What healthy tasty food can I make?

Planning the what, where and when makes it much more likely that you will follow through and make your day great! And, if you only get some or most of your priorities, it’s still a very good day because you are living with intention and not in overwhelm or reaction.

Action steps:

1. Create your own “Great Days” list and keep it where you can refer to it daily (until you have it memorized or integrated as a habit.)
2. Each morning create your daily list/plan to make sure you are having more great days and creating the habits that will support your body, mind, and spirit.


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