What can you do? There's a solution to every problem.

What can you do?

I have never reached a goal or accomplished a task by focusing on not doing the thing!

If I want to write a book I  will not accomplish this by focusing on all of the ways to not write a book. I will only be able to reach my goal by focusing on the ways to make it happen. My house will not get clean by focusing on how dirty it is. It will only get clean by focusing on the cleaning of it.

If you have been unable to see clients and have only focused on not being able to see clients rather than what you can do in these times you may have been stuck without a path forward. I ask myself every day what can I do to reach my goals, and to help people and to move forward.

I was on a call Saturday, talking about fundraising. It was brought up that with our current list of connections and donors that it looks unlikely we can reach our goal in our ideal timeline. I try not to subscribe to such thinking.

Although I didn't have an answer in the moment after the meeting, when I was in the shower later (I get all of my best ideas in the shower), I had an idea of something that I can do to try to raise the funds. Of course I can't predict the outcome of my idea but my focus is on what I can do.

This is a practice that you can create for yourself, always asking what you can do, each day and in all situations. A problem is never solved by focusing on the problem. Problems are solved by focusing on solutions.

Today I wanted to write this post but I didn't feel like typing or sitting at my computer... so I'm talking into my iPad. Next I will email this to myself, give it a quick get it, and have it ready for you today. I asked myself how can I write a post without writing? There is always a solution!

What can you do today? Follow up with a client? Send a newsletter? Outsource something? Start an ad? Do the part of a project that you DO know how to do? Ask for help? 


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