How I get so much done each week!

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

What have I been doing for the past four months? ‍ I was just asked this by someone who apparently was amazed that I haven't decluttered, so let's see......

I homeschooled a 12-year-old boy
I moved my office back home because of the homeschool/pandemic situation
I pivoted and created loads of new content for my Content Club members relevant to the current events, marketing content, blogs, live streams, taking your business online webinar, and more. 

I taught a 30-day ebook creation course, you can get it here 

I pivoted and launched a brand new membership program and website on Kajabi (which is an awesome platform you should try it

I co-hosted an amazing bundle for the wellness industry with my friend Tim Cooper. 

I created, promoted and taught the Online Business Buildout workshop sharing absolutely everything I have learned in the past 7 years of working online. You can get the replay here. 

I gave myself a raise!...

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Letter from Gael

I understand how you are feeling right now..... You are SO READY for your life to change, to grow, to expand, but it all seems "out there" and impossible. Who are you to ask for more anyway? More money each month would make things so much easier, more fun, more time with your family, more saving and security, and LESS stress.

I know you see people everywhere, writing, creating, selling online and you wonder if it's real, and could you do that too? Could you actually just start a business just making stuff, selling it, helping people, talking to people, shining your light, using your creativity, working from anywhere, and everywhere! I get it because it can seem like everyone and their brother is hawking their "thing" on the internet, yep there are plenty of fakers, and you are not that at all. Of course, we both know that.

I know what it's like to feel, burnt out, tired, wondering if this is all, it's like pushing a wheelbarrow of wet mud up a hill day after day but with bits of joy...

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2021 Promoting my businesses without Facebook Ads Post 1

In 2021 I'm focusing on building my businesses and income streams WITHOUT Facebook ads, I'll be blogging and making videos along the way sharing my progress and what I'm learning. Updating titles, descriptions, and links on 57 YouTube videos took a full day, but I'm already seeing an increase in views!

The reason I've decided to stop (or take a one year break) is that 1. Facebook ads just keep getting more expensive, and since I want to keep my prices very reasonable and help as many people as possible, I need to revisit my marketing strategy. 2. My goal is to plant seeds and put out content that has more staying power than an ad that scrolls on by. 3. I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, learn new things, and test different types of marketing. 

I am mostly focusing on no cost (except for my time which is a cost) and low cost marketing . 

Other ideas I'm working on are:

  • Guest blogging, I joined The Wellness Universe and they allow members to submit...
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Weekend Room Redo Decluttering and Feng Shui

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

Last fall I tackled my son's room, it was out of control, and I thought he needed an update to more of a big kid room. I had three days, and a limited budget but I am so pleased with the results! Check out the video above and the progress videos for some inspiration and ideas for your home. He loved it! 

I started with a MAJOR declutter, you can check out that progress here with some decluttering tips

Next, even more, decluttering and a few things I purchased

More progress and paint, I love an accent wall for a quick and easy room update. A few Feng Shui ideas for trigram 1 and the NorthEast area

Morning Update, paint is done, we're getting there!

The final reveal, I'm thrilled with the results.

The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is on sale January 11 - 16 2021!


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20 Clutter Free and Less Clutter Gift Ideas

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

If you are still looking for the perfect gift but don't want to give anyone more STUFF check out these

20 Clutter-Free and Less Clutter Creative Gift Ideas!

These are great for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. As a Feng Shui Consultant, I know most people just have too much stuff! The ideas on this list are all about experiences, not things and will make your holiday shopping easier and more fun. Less stress for you and more JOY for your loved ones.

1. A Digital Magazine Subscription. Just about every magazine has a digital option now, and it’s a gift that will be enjoyed all year long.
2. Membership to a local museum, zoo, local attraction, or gallery. Great for families or just about anyone who enjoys getting out and about. Most museums and zoos have changing attractions and even special events for their members.
3. Tickets to a sports event, play, or concert will give the recipient a fun experience either with you or give two tickets so they can take a date or...

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So many things to be grateful for!

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020

2020 has been a different year for sure, but it has given me so many gifts, learnings, and opportunities. I’m going to share with you the 20 things I’m most grateful for this year :) Here’s the first ten:


  1. I stepped up and asked for more help. I knew that I wanted to start a second business and that it takes time, effort, and work to do so. I was also hiring a business coach and needed a regular day to meet with her later in the day (Daphne Wells she’s in New Zealand). I have a business partner in Australia for our summit business and we meet in the evenings as well. All that to say that getting all of my work done before the school bus came was challenging! I was working from dance lessons, the climbing gym, the dojo as I ran my son around to all of his activities, then rushing home to throw together dinner. I asked my husband if he could do after school activities one day per week, and he said he would do two! I had two days every week totally alone...
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Slow Down to Speed Up

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2020

Sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up. The magic happens in the gap. Inspiration and the best ideas rarely come when we are pushing, hustling, and doing all the things in order to MAKE the result we want happen. 

It’s often when we release, let go and get into the flow of learning, growing, taking positive action in any area that we then become magnetic to the very thing that we want in the first place. Going to a networking event with the lighthearted expectation that it will be fun, and you’ll make some new friends and learn about them and their businesses is so much more likely to get the “result” of attracting a new client than the attitude of I MUST get a new client booked in or this event was a waste of my time. 

I’ve attracted new clients by cleaning out closets, going to lunch, returning missed calls with no message left (my $30,000 phone call), getting lost in my work and flipping the switch into gratitude (with an...

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Elevate with Gael New Podcast Interview with Lilli Badcock

I'm excited to share that my podcast has a new name a new look and a new episode! Join Lilli Badcock of and Gael Wood of for an honest look at online business "smoke and mirrors" marketing, investing in yourself, and believing in yourself. I had so much fun talking with Lilli about all of the options out there and some of our wins, failures, and reasons to invest in learning and using discernment when deciding why and who to invest with. 

Listen here

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What Is Worse Than Failure?

Today, I feel like I’m failing. Like I AM a failure, and it sucks, but it’s also a perception and a choice to feel this way. It’s not real. Things might not go how I want but I AM not a failure because the only way to really and truly fail is to quit, retreat and give up. It’s easy to do when we put ourselves out there in a new/different/bigger way and our expectations aren’t met. 

I remember years ago during the big “recession” I put out a series of affordable 20 minute mini spa services. I had a back massage, facial peel, a foot massage, and a few other options. I made flyers (my go-to marketing strategy at the time) and I sent a couple of emails. Nobody booked, and I felt embarrassed in front of my staff, mad at myself for the time and effort I had invested, and I went into full retreat mode. It sucks to put yourself out there and get crickets! 

The truth is I hadn’t done nearly enough to give the new services a chance to...

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Your Secret Success Weapon: Feng Shui! This Passionate Life Podcast Interview with Stephanie Zito

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

Feng Shui is your secret weapon to success and better relationships. 

Join me in this fascinating chat with Gael Wood, Feng Shui consultant, who helps people attract abundance and luck through the art and science of Feng Shui. Did you know your house or home office could have money leaks?  Gael walks us through what areas of the home support our fame or reputation, love, helpful people and travel, career, family and health and what to do to support each of these areas.  

Feng Shui personally helped Gael save her marriage, helped her sell two homes, and unblocked energy to bring a spotlight to her business and influx of income.   Gael shares how she balances being multipassionate, how she navigated divorce earlier in her life, how she built her own business while working full time with a family, and how she's learned to ask for help from others to support her as we don't need to do it all ourselves. 

You can receive a complimentary gift from Gael: Clear the...

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