Declutter Your Mind Interview with Lilli Badcock of the Waking Up to Purpose Podcast

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

In this episode I sat down with the wonderful Gael Wood, who is a Feng Shui Expert and Decluttering Diva!

Gael and I met in an online group a couple of years ago and having worked together several times since we are now also friends.

Gael shared some absolute GOLD in this episode about how to tackle the clutter and disarray in your home that may well be contributing to the unrest in your mind.

If you are not a fan of tidying up and you're worried this might not be for you, BELIEVE me when I say that Gael has actual super powers when it comes to this stuff!

I am the biggest hoarder of crap and yet taking her free challenge turned it all around for me!  I managed to clear clutter that had been there for YEARS and with it, all of the shame and guilt I was carrying around it.

So grab a cup of something yummy and settle in for this epic episode! Listen HERE>>>



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What can you do? There's a solution to every problem.

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

What can you do?

I have never reached a goal or accomplished a task by focusing on not doing the thing!

If I want to write a bookI will not accomplish this by focusing on all of the ways to not write a book. I will only be able to reach my goal by focusing on the ways to make it happen. My house will not get clean by focusing on how dirty it is. It will only get clean by focusing on the cleaning of it.

If you have been unable to see clients and have only focused on not being able to see clients rather than what you can do in these times you may have been stuck without a path forward. I ask myself every day what can I do to reach my goals, and to help people and to move forward.

I was on a call Saturday, talking about fundraising. It was brought up that with our current list of connections and donors that it looks unlikely we can reach our goal in our ideal timeline. I try not to subscribe to such thinking. Although I didn't have an answer in the moment after the meeting, when I was...

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How I Overcame My Fear of Writing

business ebooks writing May 19, 2020

Picture it: the mountains of North Carolina, 2013 an overworked mom and massage therapist is ready to change her life, and she buys a planner…..

 That’s how my career as an online entrepreneur began. As I worked through the planner, I began to feel that my life could be more, that I could do something different, have more time with my family and maybe even make some money online!  I had a vague Idea of sharing what I had learned in my then 18 years as a massage therapist and esthetician with people that were just getting started. Maybe I could write an ebook or teach some classes.

 There was just one problem, I would have to write, and I was terrible at writing. I was sure of this because I had believed it for so long. In school I didn’t get good grades on my English papers, and I hated everything about learning sentence structure, and trying to write reflections on The Scarlett Letter. I wanted to write in plain English and call a spade a spade, so...

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Aspirational Clutter

decluttering feng shui Feb 27, 2020

Sometimes we buy things with high hopes and good intentions of becoming a better versions of ourselves.

Maybe it was those kitchen appliances that were supposed to help us to create healthy gourmet meals and lose weight, art supplies to whip up lovely creations to give for holiday gifts, model car kits for snow days at home with our kid, the belly dancing fitness system or perfect planner system that was to keep us organized, on track and ticking off all of our goals. 

We've all been there, and we buy these things with the best of intentions, but what happens when we don't use them? Several things can happen from here, we might feel guilty and down on ourselves and our inner self talk might sound something like this "You are so flaky, you're always wasting money, you never follow through with things!"  Not thoughts that will help us thrive right? 

We might shove these things away, with the idea that "someday when I have more time" they will get put to good use, so then...

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