10 Things You Can Declutter From Your Couch!

I am making a comeback! Still not 100% but getting there, and I am amazed how much I have found I can work on even though I'm not feeling mentally or physically at my best. 

Over the past week or so I've been doing a lot of much-needed digital decluttering, and it's a great way to shift your energy, clear out unneeded and unnecessary clutter so you use what you have.

Clutter including digital clutter wastes time & energy and keeps us stuck in the past. It can also slow down and damage our devices and computers. Here's a checklist of things you can declutter anytime from your comfy spot. I will often do a bit while waiting for appointments or on car trips when my husband is driving. It's the perfect activity for those times you have a bit of time but can't concentrate fully on more meaningful projects. 

1. Your Facebook Groups. Leave groups that you don't use or interact in, groups that have served their purpose or are abandoned. This includes groups you may have started!

2. Declutter & Organize Your Google Drive. It's amazing how much ends up in there! I deleted hundreds of documents & folders and created folders that I can use to keep things a bit more organized. I also got two new ideas for new programs using some of my files as templates and examples. Decluttering for the win!

3. Your Pinterest Boards. This morning I archived about a dozen boards, merged several, and deleted at least a dozen. I love Pinterest, and creating boards for projects and parties but I certainly don't need "ghost costumes" or ideas for my old house saved. I also set my personal boards to private and now everything is ship-shape for my plans to use Pinterest for my business moving forward. 

4. Email, ugh, for real just do it! You will feel better, I promise. Unsubscribe as you go to receive less email ongoing. 

5. Photos. Think about how many photos you need from a special event or day and just save the best ones. Order some photo books or prints from shutterfly, or CVS and delete the rest, especially any where you don't look great!

6. Computer files, similar to google drive, delete, upload to google drive, label so you can find your things, and save a lot of time in the future.

7. Facebook friends, people you don't know, don't like, don't interact with or who have deleted their profiles. Make room for new friends and new energy!

8. Your Apps, especially any that are taking your time and energy away from important things (aka social media apps, email, and time-sucking games). Also, delete any apps you just don't use and games your kids have outgrown or quit playing. 

9. Your browser bookmarks and bookmark your current favorite websites and locations for paid programs. I discovered several great programs that I now have back on my to-do list!

10. Your apple or google play subscriptions, check that you aren't paying for anything you no longer need, especially those yearly subscriptions. 

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