Decluttering Deep Dive 


It’s time to let go of the old to make room for new experiences, new things, and new opportunities with this 6-week home-study program. 

 You will shift on every level as you let go of physical objects.

Physically you will have more space and time to create your dreams.

Mentally you will feel clearer and less stressed, emotionally you will let go of attachments and fears that relate to holding on to things.

Spiritually, you will experience deeper levels of faith and trust, energetically you will create space for your highest good to flow in and support you.

Yes, getting rid of your stuff will improve your life!

And we thought it was about how many coffee cups are reasonable to own..... It is, and SO MUCH more.

Decluttering helps us to look at our needs and priorities and create spaces that support our current and future goals, lifestyle, and family priorities. What could be more important?

There are ALWAYS new layers to declutter as we gain clarity, change, and grow. 

Is clutter holding you back from reaching your full potential?

  • Clutter affects our lives on multiple levels. Subconsciously it creates a to-do list that nags away at us and can keep us from fully enjoying life because we “should” be dealing with this stuff.
  • Clutter slows us down when we can’t find what we need, we waste time looking, we waste time redoing things, and we waste money buying things we don’t realize we already have.
  • Holding on to things we don’t need can keep us from moving forward. Clearing out old things clears space for newly upgraded possessions and life opportunities.
  • Letting go of physical clutter can help us to let go of the past, including old belief systems and sad or difficult memories, and we can more easily move forward into new opportunities.
  • Clearing clutter activates the universal principle of flow and balance. Our abundance needs to flow out so it can flow back to us. We are out of alignment when we hold onto things we no longer need or serve.

We will dive deep into your clutter and your mindset as we clear every area of your home, including:

  • Kitchen and Pantry Clutter
  • Closets (clothes, linens, storage)
  • Bedrooms (yes, even the kid's rooms!)
  • Dining Room and Living Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Office and Paper Clutter
  • What to do with your STUFF to keep as much as possible out of the landfill
  • How to handle resistance from family members
  • Decluttering with kids
  • Letting go of gifts, expensive items, and our purchasing mistakes guilt-free!

Program details:

  • Video lessons cover each area with checklists to keep you focused. Immediate access to the full program. 
  • Decluttering affirmations and mindset strategies to help you let stuff go! 
  • Two fun challenges will help you make your investment back (and probably more) on your investment on this class in no time at all.

YES, you do have time to declutter! This class is designed for you whether you have 5-10 minutes a day or can devote full days and weekends. It includes lifetime access so you can review and go through the course regularly. 

Join the Decluttering Deep Dive for just $59!

Decluttering is a game changer! Read what other deep divers are saying...

Who is teaching this class? 

I'm Gael and I am a certified Feng Shui consultant and self-proclaimed decluttering diva! I believe in the power of decluttering and LOVE seeing friends, family, and decluttering deep dive participants get rid of clutter and all of the baggage that goes with it. I promise that if you take action on this course, your future self will thank you. 

Join the Decluttering Deep Dive today for just $59!