Five fun things! Friday June 17

fun gael wood life unwinding Jun 17, 2022

Life is just so much finer and more fun when you are being kind to yourself! You know I'm right about that.

Focusing on the positive in various ways is part of my gratitude practice, and so today I decided to find 5 fun things that happened in spite of or along with the stress of the week.

Looking back I do think some of my stress was just a "post-wedding crash". It was a lot of time, money, peopling and my introverted heart/mind/body/soul needed time to rest and recover, not to mention saying goodbye to my daughter and new son-in-law because they live 20 hours away. 

Five Fun Things

1. Time relaxing with my daughter on Monday, just me, my kids, and Millie the dog. We walked around town, sat by a river, and just enjoyed ourselves.

2. Fat Kitty came home! My grumpy, chubby kitty, who doesn't really like anyone reappeared after being gone for 5 days, just in time for her check-up at the vet. We are kind of attached to Ms. Grumpy Pants so we were happy to see her again.

3. Comic books and hamburgers on Tuesday with my son. We drove the just married kids to the airport two hours away and then stopped at his favorite comic shop, Docs Basement, and then enjoyed lunch at a pub. Car trips are the best time for getting teenagers to actually talk to their mothers.

4. The dog leash and lemonade stand on Wednesday. Nothing finer than hanging out with cute, fun entrepreneurs on a sunny day. They made over $120 too!

5. An amazing podcast interview with Becca of the Totally Bothered podcast. I was laughing so hard, I can't wait to share this episode with you soon.

Well just writing out that list makes me realize why I'm feeling a bit behind on work projects, every day is full of fun, so much fun I'm stressed....... hmm. I hope you check out my new workshop next week, getting ready for it has been my main focus in between all of the other activities and it's going to be so eye-opening, informative, and I hope inspiring for anyone who is thinking about writing a book or wondering how they can leverage their books more effectively. Check it out below.

I have a new live workshop that I'm teaching on Monday night! Creating a 6-Figure Business with Ebooks Workshop. You'll Learn:

  • How Ebooks can create a foundation for a six-figure business
  • 5 ways to use ebooks to grow your email list
  • Ideas to easily repurpose ebooks to create course/program/membership content
  • How Ebooks/Books build your reputation and expert status
  • Adding extra value to programs and courses with ebooks
  • Creating book bundle launches with your books and/or collaborations
  • Planning your ebook "library" or collections
  • Pro tips for writing quickly and self-publishing
  • Selling ebooks from your own site versus Amazon pros and cons of each
  • Live Q&A with Gael 

If you are unable to attend live a replay of the event will be sent to your inbox. I hope to see you there!



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