Two Wins and a Flop!

It's almost the end of May and I wanted to share some of my business wins this month, an epic flop, a great new free gift for anyone interested in writing/becoming a writer and some new tools and resources that I'm trying. May has felt like a bit of a roller coaster to me and from some of the posts I'm seeing in groups and emails I'm receiving I am not the only one!

First two wins!

1. Earlier this month I put together a special bundle combining my course Launch Your CE Teaching career with a few of my courses about online business & course creation. I also added a brand new bonus video sharing the places that I advertise and list my CE courses.  It was a great "crossover" product between my two businesses and I promoted it over four days. I sold 9 bundles and it was pretty simple to put together and promote.  Also, I can reuse the emails and promote it again next year. It's always fun to create something new with content you already have. I definitely consider this a WIN. 

2. A few days later, as I was waiting for a doctor's appointment for an eye infection (random and likely caused by allergies), I started getting out of the blue PayPal funds every 30 minutes or so... people were buying my Ebook bundle! It was from a Mother's Day email sent out by Ultimate Bundle a company I have collaborated with both as an affiliate and a regular contributor. I had filled out a google form to be included in the Mother's Day promotion and I promptly forgot all about it. Not only was this a win with some new sales, but I also added over 300 new subscribers, and best of all tested my "Free Ebook Funnel" without paid ads. And, it works! That was a nice confirmation that what I learned running Massage and Spa Success for the past 9 years will work in my new business Elevate with Gael. I'm starting up from a place of experience this time!

I closed some programs in May, both of my monthly memberships, The Elevate Mastermind which I ran for two years and has 30 great courses, workshops and tutorials on building an online business & new content each month, and The Monthly Challenge Club with new challenges each month. I think I'm a bit burnt out after running my two businesses and homeschooling for the past 21/2 years. I need a break from the obligation of creating new content because it's part of a program, so I can create from a place of inspiration. I love teaching, coaching and sharing success & mindset strategies but for the time being I think I'll release workshops and programs that are not ongoing so I can take breaks when needed. I am prioritizing self care, having a fun summer with my son and a few choice projects (stay tuned).

The FLOP! If you read any of my emails last week, you probably saw The Goal Minders Community, which I think is a GREAT idea, but not a great idea for me to do right now.... I did everything right, a webinar, a great sales page, emails, livestreams, social media posts, and it flopped big time. I fully believe it was an energy thing. I was convincing myself that I do have time for the coaching meetings, that I needed to replace my cancelled income, and it truly just wasn't in alignment. I really don't want a weekly call right now, I have travel plans for the summer and a possible trip to Africa. I can see now how I was talking myself into this one. 

I may bring Goal Minders back in the fall or in January, with changes (maybe twice monthly meetings). Any time we try to sell from that needy, have to make this work energy it doesn't work. I have experienced this many times, but it's hard to see from the middle of it..... I didn't want to be wrong! I didn't want to look like a failure! So, on I pushed, but it's all good because it was such a great contrast to my two wins of the month and the energy of those. That energy felt light and fun, like a cool little experiment and a fun opportunity to share. :) 


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