Not cool, spiritual bypassing AF!!

gael wood mindset money taxes Feb 01, 2021

I joined a group this year, it's a money-making challenge that has been getting me to think outside the box, inspiring me, and has overall been fun and helpful. Today, I asked a question about taxes, curious about how other people were thinking about handling the tax question if/when they get to that point in the challenge, and I was met with a very harsh response! 

- "You shouldn't be freaking out over things that haven't happened yet"

-"You should check your energy before you post in the group"

-"I cannot and will not give tax advice"

- and "I can’t give you advice but I can promise if you journal on why the tax thing is freaking you out so much you will heal a lot of money blocks." 

Wowers! I'm the one that was freaking out and triggered? 

1. I'm not "freaking out" over things that haven't happened, I've been earning money at these levels and beyond so I'm aware of the tax implications. I have a bookkeeper and a CPA because I've had surprise tax bills in the past and I know they are no fun!

I was asking from a place of curiosity and to see if anyone else had already navigated this, for idea sharing, so that I WOULDN'T let worrying about taxes slow me down, I would have a plan.

2. My energy was fine, I WAS nothing but excited to make a plan and keep moving forward, again from a place of empowerment. 

3. I wasn't asking for tax ADVICE, I have an accountant, I was asking for ideas because with this program you continue to reinvest the money that you make and if you've paid 20-30% in taxes, which I do both monthly and quarterly, how would I be reinvesting?

I think there are multiple answers for every problem or challenge so I was looking to exchange ideas and start a topic that would be helpful to many in the group. 

4. I'm not afraid because I too have done my "work" around taxes. I have been afraid of tax bills but now I plan and I'm prepared. Just this morning my CPA called today that my 2020 fourth-quarter reports had to be mailed today, with checks. Not a problem because that money is in my tax account. :)

So, my promise to you if you are in any of my groups or programs and you ask a question, that I won't do this! I'll answer your question the best that I can, share based on my experience, and recommend tools and resources to help you get the answers you need. If it's "freaking out" or "unspiritual" to ask a tax question in a money program then maybe I'm in the wrong place!

My husband says people often underestimate me because I can sound ditzy and I think online posts can be easily misread. I don't mind, I'll just go about my business quietly kicking ass and creating my dream life!!


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