The Don’t Quit Podcast: The Quality of Life improvement Lessons from Gael Wood

I'm excited to join “The Don't Quit Podcast” with Nick Mann. You can find us on Podbean and Apple Podcast.

 In this podcast, you’ll learn about how you can improve the quality of your life based on YOUR dreams and YOUR priorities! It was fun sharing my personal experience and some of the things that have helped me in my own life.

 Quick back-story. A few years back, I was at my lowest. I was sick, overworked, and just getting by. But all that started to change when I finally decided to do something about the quality of life I’m living. Now, I am living my dream life and I made it a mission to help people achieve their dreams too!

Here’s an overview of the major points you’ll hear about:

- Identifying your top 3 priorities and setting time for them

- Spending time on things: Need, Want, or Routine?

- Setting things up as habits

- Outsourcing on things that you want to be done but are not priorities

- Going back to your To-Do List

- Shifting perspective from "To-do" into "Get-to"

- Pushing forward: "Starting with 1."

 If you’re ready to improve the quality of your life, join us in this podcast and learn how to set your priorities, and get out of your head and into the world!


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