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10 Things You Can Declutter From Your Couch!

I am making a comeback! Still not 100% but getting there, and I am amazed how much I have found I can work on even though I'm not feeling mentally or physically at my best. 

Over the past week or so I've been doing a lot of much-needed digital decluttering, and it's a great way to shift your energy, clear out unneeded and unnecessary clutter so you use what you have.

Clutter including digital clutter wastes time & energy and keeps us stuck in the past. It can also slow down and...

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Feeling Rootbound

Yesterday, I was repotting a few plants and I am not a “plant person” but people keep moving and giving me plants and I do have a nice sunny light-filled house so I try. I had one plant (some kind of desert palm guy) who was completely root bound, there was almost no soil left and I had to work and work to loosen the roots enough to get him out of the pot. This plant was completely stuck and as a result not only couldn’t grow but was starting to suffer. 

I think we can...

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