Feeling Rootbound

Yesterday, I was repotting a few plants and I am not a “plant person” but people keep moving and giving me plants and I do have a nice sunny light-filled house so I try. I had one plant (some kind of desert palm guy) who was completely root bound, there was almost no soil left and I had to work and work to loosen the roots enough to get him out of the pot. This plant was completely stuck and as a result not only couldn’t grow but was starting to suffer. 

I think we can get like that, stuck in our jobs, routines, mindsets, friend groups, relationships,  and without a bigger pot, we will stagnate, and eventually even start withering away.

We all know people who tell their same stories over and over, someone in their fifties or sixties who still complains about being screwed over by their ex twenty or thirty years ago! Or, people who dwell on missed opportunities & chances they didn’t take. As a result, they are stuck in the past and missing all of the opportunities they could have NOW.

We all have the power to heal, decide and move to a bigger pot so we can grow, expand and reach our full potential! When you move to a bigger pot it can feel very scary, and it might even seem like a huge mistake but over time you grow into the person who belongs there.

I closed my Massage and Spa business just over two weeks ago and it was/is a bit scary but it’s also such a relief to just have one business to run! I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure I’ll grow into it, as I take daily aligned action and keep the faith.

Where is your “pot” feeling a bit small, contractive, or restricting? Think about your daily routines, friendships & relationships, your career goals, physical goals, mental & spiritual aspirations. How can you make your pot bigger?

Do you need to let something go? Old ideas, projects, or physical clutter? Is it time to take a risk or a chance? Are you feeling ready to mix things up, and meet new people? There are so many ways to expand and grow, give it your attention, intention and replant yourself!

It might be time to let go of your stuff, shift your energy, and step into the next level YOU! Join Decluttering Deep Dive Live with Gael Wood , a 6 week programme that might help you, open up new things and new opportunities! Join here


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