10 Reasons YOU should write a book!

Writing a book can be transformative on so many levels! I know for myself I gained confidence, new opportunities, and new clients and students.

Writing a book is a journey that very few people ever attempt, in fact, 97% of people who start a book don't finish it and .0086% of people have a published book. 

 Creating and publishing a book is a big project, I won't lie, but it's doable and if I can do it I honestly feel like anyone can. A few years ago I didn't even think that I could write! I guess I thought I didn't have permission or enough education, or I just lacked self-confidence. 

In fact, I wrote a blog about it How I Overcame My Fear of Writing. 

10 Reasons YOU should write a book :)

  1. To teach and share your knowledge.
  2. To complete a life-changing project.
  3. To attract new clients & customers!
  4. To share your story and inspire.
  5. So you can add Author to your resume.
  6. To attract new opportunities (interviews, guest posts) and expand your reach.
  7. To boost your expert status and authority.
  8. To reach your full potential.
  9. To organize your thoughts/ideas/information in a way that can be easily turned into a course or coaching program. 
  10. Because you CAN!
  11. To make money! Ebooks have earned over 35,000 for my business and introduced hundreds of new students and clients to my courses and programs. 

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