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Super Consistent Does Not Equal Super Strict!

Many entrepreneurs (maybe you?) are natural rebels and independent thinkers, which is awesome and I wouldn’t want to be anything or anyone else, but we can rebel against even ourselves!

We rebel against any rules or systems even though having systems in place can elevate us, even though “rules” for different areas of life can ultimately lead us to the results we say that we want!

 If you want to lose some weight, being strict about what foods you eat will get you...

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Gael Wood's Podcast Interviews

Check out Gael Wood's Podcast Interviews on different platforms here:

1. My Future Business Interview with Rick on My Future Business Show.

Gael’s story will inspire anyone who’s feeling burnt out, is in debt, or just feeling unwell. In fact, this is Gael’s real-life journey, and today, she has done the hard work and now lives in her dream home, in her dream suburb, and she has the time freedom to do the work she loves...



2. My Learnings From My...

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