Super Consistent Does Not Equal Super Strict!

Many entrepreneurs (maybe you?) are natural rebels and independent thinkers, which is awesome and I wouldn’t want to be anything or anyone else, but we can rebel against even ourselves!

We rebel against any rules or systems even though having systems in place can elevate us, even though “rules” for different areas of life can ultimately lead us to the results we say that we want!

 If you want to lose some weight, being strict about what foods you eat will get you results, but so will being super consistent about avoiding junk food and eating a variety of healthy foods with a reasonable amount of cheating!

 If you want to write a book being super strict about where and when you write will get you there but so will being consistent about your word count daily or weekly no matter the time or location.

 If you want to make money, making offers aka selling most days is required, however thinking there’s a limited amount of ways to do this is very limiting and leads to rebelling, overthinking, and often throwing the baby out with the bath water, and making no offers at all. “If selling is this, and this doesn’t feel good, then I’m out!”.

It makes total sense, doing things you hate all day is not why you became an entrepreneur.

 The good news is there are almost unlimited ways to do most things! Giving yourself the freedom of choice daily satiates the inner rebel, and allows you to be consistent and therefore get your results.

This is why I also LOVE doing challenges, my inner rebel loves a challenge, and since it’s limited in scope, for example, 10 minutes a day for thirty days, it’s a fun experiment, not a strict rule I’m following FOREVER! When you can figure out why you do what you do, you can hack yourself! It’s so much fun 🤣🎉👏 

Challenging myself over the years has been one of the biggest ways I've created success habits, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, tried new things, and learned about myself and what works for me!

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