What Do I Want To Believe About This?

One of the most powerful and impactful questions you can ask?

This morning we got up at 3 am for an early morning flight ✈️. Something I swear I will never do, every time I do it. But, it seems to keep popping up, mostly because I can’t be bothered with travel plan details and love for my husband to handle the logistics if we are traveling together.

 So, all that to say I only got a couple of hours of sleep. I have trouble sleeping in ideal situations and I’ve never slept on a plane. I believe that it’s not possible for me, and I swore this fact up and down at dinner last night. Knowing everything I know about choosing beliefs I decide to choose some better ones. Funny how we apply this stuff in some cases but not others.

 Leaping from “I can’t sleep on a plane” to “sleeping on a plane is easy and relaxing” probably won’t work, but what could I believe about my situation that would be helpful?

  • I can believe that it’s possible to get somewhat more comfortable especially since I brought my snuggly blanket scarf.
  • I can believe that I can rest and possibly even doze a bit, which isn’t as restful as going through all the sleep cycles but it still has positive benefits.
  • I can think of a few times I’ve slept in uncomfortable places to build some proof for my brain that it’s possible, and see that if other people are sleeping on the plane (like my husband) that it’s certainly a possibility in general.

 This is how we can move from one reality to another, we can shift beliefs in any area, but it’s a process. And that process can be fun, interesting and easy if we choose.

 I love monthly challenges for this! I’m currently working on a 10 minute a day Yoga Challenge. I’ve always aspired to be a person who does yoga, but for reasons aka beliefs I would practice very sporadically, and then say “I guess I’m just not the yoga type”.

 I even had a running joke with some of my besties every New Year that, "This was the year we were going to do yoga every day, our children would be perfect and we would make a million dollars!" Yep, it seemed as far-fetched as children being perfect which is more far-fetched than a million dollars in a year!

 If you have something like that in your life, you “wish you were the person who” then I believe it’s available for you! You just have to develop a belief and a plan to take some steps (which shifts your energy) and get some of the thing/activity/experience into your life.

 It’s kind of like homeopathic manifestation, get some of the essences and then become the person with the essence, and you start making changes!

 So I created a plan that seemed 100% doable and excuse proof, 10 minutes a day of yoga. Even on the busiest day of my life, I could still do that. I did a bit of research (aka googling) and found a lot of evidence that there are many benefits of doing yoga for 10 minutes a day, so I wouldn’t think it was futile. I decided to do yoga in the bedroom instead of downstairs in our workout room because it’s just easier and I wanted to eliminate every bit of possible friction. I decided to do it every single day so I wouldn’t have to even think about “should I do it today or tomorrow?”

 The result is I have been about 90% consistent over the past 6 weeks! I can feel the benefits, more flexibility, energy shifts after I practice, a little more muscle tone. I went to touch my toes yesterday and placed my hands flat on the floor. I certainly won’t be on the cover of YOGA magazine anytime soon but for me it’s huge. I HAVE a yoga practice, I’m consistent and seeing results.



My plan is to increase the time at some point, but I really want to build this habit first and have it totally locked in first. I have added three-minute abs at this point though.


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