Sunday Smiles 5 Happy Things

Today I wanted to share with you a few things that are making me smile. :) Last week felt hard, here's to welcoming in new qualities and new energies this week.

5 Happy Things

1. Kittens, my little kitten has been sleeping on my bed all day and she's changing position every so often and it's just cracking me up! I don't know if I've ever been as relaxed as Polly, we call her the "liquid kitty" she just seems to melt into wherever she has crashed out.

2. My Grandpa, he fought in WW2 and I'm reading through his letters home to my Grandma, and I hope to turn them into some kind of keepsake book for my family. But, one of my favorite memories is reading the Sunday funnies with him over a bowl of cheerios and when we finished we would say "that's all the good ones!" because we skipped the political and more adult comic strips. 

3. Sisters, I have one amazing sister by blood, and several communities of sisters online. I was blessed to meet with some sisters online yesterday, and it's such a blessing to journey, and sing and share joys & sorrows together. 

4. Sunshine! After a week of rain, the sun is shining and I'm heading out to hike with my dog and work in the yard. 

5. Lovely thoughts. I'm a fan of affirmations but sometimes they can feel like one more thing to check off the list. This week I heard the term Lovely Thoughts and it makes me happy!


and this song >>> What a Wonderful World 


New Book Bonuses!

       I have just completed a project, several months in the making! I created 5 new sales pages for my ebooks, wrote all the sales page content, found/and or created 15 bonuses to accompany the ebooks, created bonus delivery pages, created & connected check-out pages to the sales pages, and created delivery emails for each book.

It was a lot of work, and of course, took longer than I wanted but it got done and hopefully will help me to attract many new readers, customers, and clients for years to come. 

A project like this has many parts and pieces, and I worked on this in-between homeschooling, coaching clients, and other projects. It can feel overwhelming but step by step, little by little it comes together! 

Declutter Your Beliefs and Create Your Dream Life Book and Bonuses

1000 Ideas for Entrepreneurs Workbook and Bonuses 

The Gratitude Habit Book and Bonuses

From Fear-Driven to Fear-Less Book and Bonuses

Designing Your Dream Life Book and Bonuses

It's hard for me to believe now that 9 years ago I was writing my first blog post, and I was hesitant to publish it.... I thought I couldn't write. Read how I overcame my fear of writing here. 

Whatever your BIG dreams and goals are I hope you are taking action! Those small steps day after day are what really matters. Don't wait until you feel ready until your kids are older or until you have more time. There will always be a reason NOT to move forward, but there are many reasons to go ahead!

If creating an online business for additional income, a project just for YOU, or as a retirement plan is one of your goals, check out the Elevate Mastermind Library today. It's on sale and it has absolutely everything I know about starting and growing an online business for one very amazing price! 



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