Success Spotlight, Meet Bernadette Sakiyama

Check out another Elevate Mastermind Success Story! *(please note, Elevate Mastermind is now The Mastermind Course Library)
Bernadette Sakiyama is a Holistic Health Practitioner who served her clients for thirteen years, helping them find solutions to their aches and pain and get results through Neural Rest Therapy, Massage, Healing Touch, and Aromatherapy. This journey has taken her from a successful hands-on practice to transitioning Soul2Soul to coaching, teaching, and now the author of The Path to Aging Gracefully, A guide to living your life with purpose, health, and grace.
Just like many others inside the Elevate Mastermind Bernadette started with a brick & mortar wellness business & transformed her life by creating an online business so that she could stop trading her time for money.
Here is her experience in her own words:
“The most challenging aspect to starting my new online business of coaching, mentoring, and writing my first book was letting go of self-doubt and fear. Walking this new journey of change often left me feeling inadequate and at times stuck on what looked like a rocky and steep path.
When I felt I only walked a mile on my journey my coach Gael would encourage and support me by sharing her journey and how she overcame her challenges. I empowered myself through my faith, the support of my coach and fellow Mastermind members to go from doubt and fear clearing my path to believing I could achieve my goals. I did just that, I did not give in to fear or give up on my goal or me for that matter! This was the most rewarding.”
You can check out Bernadette's new website and book here 
And here's what she said about her goals for 2022, "My goals for 2022 is to have content course material to offer clients as a guide toward being open and curious, to explore what is possible body, mind, and soul. To participate in the Elevate Summit in 2022, blogging consistently, offer video or audio series for course work, and write another e-book."
Creating an online business is totally doable, and available for you! It’s a growing and learning experience but it’s not easy, and I won’t tell you it is!
If you are ready to take the next step and start the process of creating an online business you need to join *The Mastermind Course Library, which can be found in the Elevate Shop.
So now is the time to make the choice & decide that your future is going to be different. Making a decision and then working towards your goal is the way to success. It’s not all hard work though, it’s exciting, interesting, and fun, plus you’ll meet amazing people along the way like Bernadette!
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