Success Spotlight, Meet Ann Bell!


I wanted to share this inspirational story with you...

Meet Ann Bell, she was an Elevate Mastermind member (which is now The Mastermind Course Library), an experienced massage therapist & a life coach. When the pandemic happened Ann (like many others) was forced to shut down her business overnight. The uncertainty of her business, life & finances had Ann considering an online business & the desire to learn how to create more income. 

Ann then joined the Elevate Mastermind & she began her business as a conversationalist and guide who helps people who are seeking to uncover their sense of self, become connected, and discover their full potential in self-development with simple, effective techniques including a sense of humor.

She empowers, encourages, and inspires her clients to be their authentic selves. Check out Ann's new website A Confidential Conversation!

Ann is one of the many members in the Elevate Mastermind that have found a way to make more money online & she plans to fully transition her business by 2022. (The Mastermind Course Library is available in the Elevate Shop, if you’re ready to join click here).

Here’s is Ann’s experience in her own words:

“This is the second business I've started with Gael. The first was massage therapy with storefront and with Gael's coaching and techniques it was a remarkable success in a very quick time. It really was a no-brainer to start my online business in the Elevate Mastermind because of my prior success in her group.

Coaching is paramount to success and finding the right fit in a coach is crucial. I'm surprised in 18 months how much I've accomplished. I'm so damn proud of myself. This is my best decade of living, yet!”  

Ann's future goals include:

1. I'm currently taking classes to become an Inspirational Speaker and start speaking by the Spring of 2022. 
2.  Write another book to be completed in June 2022.
3. Continue building my successful Life Coaching business.
4. Retire from Massage Therapy by December 2022. 

If Ann's story and goals feel familiar & you are ready to take the next steps in your career & start a new business or stream of income, then you need to join  The Mastermind Course Library it is not just a course or training, but it is an entire blueprint of how to create your brand, how to market your new business & how to ensure that whatever you choose to do will be successful.

Check out everything that is included below, select your plan & get started today! Enrollment is now open. I am intentionally keeping this program limited so that everyone will receive personal attention and support!

Even if you aren't feeling entirely ready, as Ann says "My level of discomfort is my level of growth." 

Doing new things can feel scary, and that's exactly why you should step forward and go for it!

The Mastermind Course Library, as well as Gael's current coaching offers can be found in the Elevate Shop HERE

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