2021 Promoting my businesses without Facebook Ads Post 1

In 2021 I'm focusing on building my businesses and income streams WITHOUT Facebook ads, I'll be blogging and making videos along the way sharing my progress and what I'm learning. Updating titles, descriptions, and links on 57 YouTube videos took a full day, but I'm already seeing an increase in views!

The reason I've decided to stop (or take a one year break) is that :

1. Facebook ads just keep getting more expensive, and since I want to keep my prices very reasonable and help as many people as possible, I need to revisit my marketing strategy.

2. My goal is to plant seeds and put out content that has more staying power than an ad that scrolls on by.

3. I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, learn new things, and test different types of marketing. 

I am mostly focusing on no cost (except for my time which is a cost) and low-cost marketing. 

Other ideas I'm working on are:

  • Guest blogging, I joined The Wellness Universe and they allow members to submit guest posts to their blog which receives 20,000 visitors per day. You can learn more about The Wellness Universe HERE.  I'm looking for other opportunities to guest post as well. 
  • New Kindle Books! I have a few in the works, and it's time to focus on one at a time and get them published! You can see my Amazon Author Page HERE and follow me if you want updates when I publish a new book. 
  • Podcast Interviews, I love doing them and my goal is to be interviewed twice a month.
  • Creating new content for my podcast Elevate with Gael, by recording my Facebook and YouTube live videos in such a way that the audio can be repurposed. 
  • Using social media in a way that doesn't stress me out, prescheduling posts, sharing new content strategically, growing my YouTube channel, and Pinterest. Nothing political, but I'm just not feeling Facebook right now, so I plan to just focus on my personal profile connecting with people and my group Elevate Your Biz and Life. 
  • SEO and organic traffic! People are searching for what I have, and I need to learn more about this. I may outsource some of this but I like to know enough to know what I'm looking for. 
  • Advertising on a website where my ideal clients are if the price is reasonable. 
  • Attracting my ideal clients by shining my light and being an example of what is possible. 
  • Of course, my favorite, emailing often. :)

I'll be blogging and video blogging about my progress. So check back or join my email list by grabbing one of my free gifts to follow along. 

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