Increased income, and new ideas! Erin Lively LMT Success Spotlight

How one Elevate Mastermind Member * now The Mastermind Course Library* increased her income by 60% during the pandemic, here is Erin’s story...

“I joined Elevate Mastermind a few years ago to help me increase my monthly and annual income.  I decided to stop teaching and have my massage business be my sole source of income and I felt like I needed some new marketing and advertising ideas and added support from other professionals along with accountability.

Joining Gael Wood and her Mastermind team was the best thing, aside from taking my medical massage certification, that I ever did for my business! Within 12-18 months of working with Gael and implementing some of her marketing ideas as well as other advertising and rebooking strategies of hers, I increased my income by 60%!  Now, 4 years after joining Gael and Elevate Mastermind, my business is still growing and has increased annually; even during a global pandemic! 

2021 will be the best year Erin's Healing Hands has had to date! 

As a solo parent, it is important for me to be financially stable enough to provide for my family and prepare for our future. Being a successful entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart; but with faith, determination, dedication, and the right mentoring team, it is possible!”

"The best piece of advice that I can give to anyone just starting their business or perhaps someone that feels burnt out is just to remember your why! Why did you decide to become a therapist or wellness professional?

Think of the most rewarding moment in your career thus far and let that lead you. When I think of why I got into healthcare and my desire to help people and I remember how rewarding it feels when a client tells me how I helped them become pain-free or helped them improve their quality of daily living, well, that motivates me to dig deeper and work harder than any obstacles that may come!"

Erin changed her business and her life in just 12 months… imagine what your life could look like in one year. If you are also ready to increase your income with your wellness business or ready to pivot to an online business, now is the time to join the Mastermind Course Library, which you can access in the Elevate with Gael Online Shop

The pandemic made all Wellness Professionals really take a look at their business and question if they were going to make it through the year. I know many people have considered an online business as an additional stream of income, and that is exactly what I teach in some of my coaching programs, check them out in the Elevate with Gael Online Shop, and there you will learn the entire process for creating a business and the strategies and marketing to make it successful.

Join us to work consistently and have faith! As Erin's favorite quotes say, 

Faith without works is dead. ~James 2:26

You can do ANYTHING; if you just believe!!

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