First step, BE the person!

First, become the person, then get the result!

Who gets the results? The person who is wishing, shoulding, thinking about, or as we say here in the South "fixing to"? Or, the person who is learning, doing, taking action, decided, and committed? Of course, we all know, it's the decided action taker but we often don't realize how easy it is to flip the switch!

You can go from being someone who dreads marketing their business to someone who is learning new ways to market their business with a simple mindset shift, and one small action, maybe it's listening to a podcast, reading a book, or taking a new class. 

It literally flips the switch on who you are, and you can do it at any time and in any area of life. You can go from being without the qualities that you desire to being someone with those qualities by choosing and acting based on that choice. 

Today I chose improving health! I choose to have a yoga practice, a writing habit, and to be a goal-getter. I choose to be someone who shows up, and who believes in herself. I choose to be a reader, a leader, and a lifelong learner. I choose me!

Choosing ME doesn't mean that I'm "unchoosing" my kids, husband, or anything else, it just simply means I choose myself as well and in doing so I am better for everyone. 

Choose yourself, flip the switch, and be the person who has the results, until you see the results!

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