The Money Fit Show: Money Mindsets, Shifts, and Stories, Gael Wood of Elevate with Gael

It was a great pleasure to be a guest for Todd Christensen in his podcast, “The Money Fit Show” to talk about my personal finance journey, the mindsets I live by, and some advice to help you.

 Being where I am now was no easy feat, with me juggling my personal and professional life and the challenges that came with it. But I’m here to share that growing and finding stability in your finances is POSSIBLE. Tune in with us, learn what you can from my experiences, and find out how they can help YOU shape a better financial path.

 Some key points you’ll be hearing in this podcast are:

 - The struggle I faced with finances and investments

- What sparked the change in my lifestyle for the better

- Facing the risks of starting up a personal business as a massage therapist

- What I was doing when I started my own business

- The different kinds of businesses I opened

- Challenges that can be encountered with a higher income

- Ways to keep yourself motivated and consistent

- My support system and mindset to maintain good finances

- Being more responsible with money

- Recognizing opportunities to grab for financial growth


Open the possibilities for YOUR financial growth as you listen to Todd and me in this podcast. Take that leap of faith and shape your dream and future!


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