The Monday Brain Dump!

Overwhelm seems to be going around, I've noticed it with my clients, friends, and myself. It seems like everyone is feeling a bit in the weeds, there's SO MUCH TO DO...

 One big sign of overwhelm is overreacting to something that wouldn't normally phase you, like that client canceling at the last minute when it's already been a slow week (suddenly it's not just a random slow week but we are a FAILURE at business), or your kid asking for a treat when your bank account is on empty, or when your kids are arguing at breakfast and you scream "JUST EAT YOUR DAMN PANCAKES!!" (they will never ever ever let me forget that one, lol, it's a family legend). 

 Dr. Wayne Dyer says, in situations that you can control, you don't need to stress out because you've got this. And, in situations that you have no control over, you don't need to stress out because there is nothing you can do anyway. 

Here's what I do when I'm overwhelmed that works well for me:

First, the brain dump, I make one big long list of everything I feel like I have to do!

Next, I sort through it with these questions:

Is there anything on this list that I could just not do, or is it not a priority for this week? 

What on this list is a top priority? (I've made a commitment, it makes me money, it's a non-negotiable for any reason)

What on this list could I do in an easier way? (buy a birthday cake instead of making one, order pizza tonight, and just wash the clothes we need for tomorrow) This creates more time for your top priorities above.

What can I delegate or outsource? (business tasks, house chores, lawn mowing, dog walking)

Now make a new list of your TOP PRIORITIES and other changes you have made, it should be much shorter and more manageable!

Sometimes it pays to just stay up late and get some things DONE, that's definitely worth doing when you have a long list or a big goal. Give it a go, the Monday Brain Dump is a game-changer.


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