Probably Bothered, the Podcast: EXPECTATIONS, REALITY, AND FAILURE with Gael Wood

When was the last time you “failed”?

In managing a business, we will surely encounter the realities of not hitting our desired outcomes the first time. I got invited to “Probably Bothered” with Becca Wood to talk about expectations, realities and failures in managing or starting a business.

in this podcast, we talked about:

  • The start of my online journey
  • The reality of when you actually start making money
  • The reality of building an audience
  • Resetting expectations
  • Giving things time and trying new things
  • Social media presence
  • Fear of spending to advertise
  • Coping mechanisms
  • How I want my life to look and feel like

I had so much fun talking about these and I hope my story helps you keep going as you start and push your business to success. If you’re ready, grab your pens and listen to the podcast here.


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