Not Normal is Pretty Much Normal!

I’m beginning to think that not normal is just, well normal!

Here I was looking forward to a chill week at home catching up on work projects, getting back into our homeschool routine and we’ve got Covid, again…. (and, yes, we are vaccinated). 

 The truth is a completely “normal” week with no extra events, holidays, birthdays, sickness or other minor or major disasters is a very rare thing indeed! I’m trying to embrace the chaos while remembering my self-care, making small steps towards my goals, reading positive and uplifting books, and giving myself some grace.

I get frustrated because I WANT to be working more, but things don’t seem to be working out for that, but I am grateful that I did a really fun Vision Board Workshop for my Monthly Challenge Club Members, I recorded some new podcasts before I lost my voice, I’m getting caught up on some little things, and doing some planning.

 I feel ok and I’m very grateful for that! I’m grateful for my business, my assistants, Instacart shoppers, my house, and my family. My Gratitude Habit is a lifesaver for sure!

If you haven’t made progress on your 2022 goals, or even set goals, there is no better time to start than now. You can always begin, start a monthly challenge on the 13th or do some goal setting or journaling.

Just a few minutes a day here and there can shift your energy, your outlook, and your outcomes!

In 2021 I had a goal to write 12 books. I failed! I “only,” wrote 6, but without that big goal, I doubt I would have made it to 6. 

I’ve bundled these books together, The Designing Your Dream Life Workbook, The Gratitude Habit, From Fear Driven to Fearless, Declutter Your Beliefs and Create Your Dream Life, Declutter Your Schedule and Create Your Dream Life and the bundle is on sale this weekend! 

These 5 Books are designed to help you look at your life from a new perspective and create your dream life one day, one upgrade, and one small change at a time!

Each book gives you access to book bonuses with printable journals, videos, and audios to help you dive deeper into the theme of the book while encouraging you to take action steps towards creating your dream life.

Check it out here 


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