My top 10 “Success Secrets”

Secret #1

There are no secrets, there is no right way or step by step that will work for everyone.

OK, you can stop reading now! :)

 It’s true though, all the experts, “gurus”, people with secret strategies that you can learn for just several thousand dollars are not any smarter than you are. They are just further down the path. They learned, tested, applied, and figured out what works for them. Your results may or may not be the same, there are many many variables. 

Secret #2

Mindset Matters. 

Staying motivated, encouraged, having faith that you can and will figure it out and reach your goals is the most important thing you can do and it can also be the hardest. There are learning curves, technical problems, ever-changing algorithms, and success quite simply can take time.

Sometimes it’s fast and exciting, sometimes it’s a process of staying the course and believing in something that nobody but you can see, and even telling your own thoughts, fears, and doubts to take a back seat!

Secret #3

Do your first things first. Things do not and will not go as planned, you do not have all day to do the things! Your kid will get sick, your friend will need you, the hot water heater will break, you will start doing chores, you will get distracted by the internet, I promise. So, pick your top 3-5 daily impact-making activities and do them first, even if you have to get up before everyone else to do it. 

Secret #4

Done is better than perfect every time. Perfectionism is a killer of dreams, it’s based on fear, it’s contracting not expansive. Do the work to get over needing and wanting things to be perfect because there’s no such thing anyway!

Secret #5

Showing up is half the battle, so show up with consistency. If you want people to subscribe, follow, book, or buy they have to see you, know you, like you, and trust you. Being consistent with whatever you choose to do as you show up will lead to success, and I mean for more than a few weeks, maybe even more than a few years. Any questions? See #2!

Secret #6

There’s a lot of “smoke and mirrors” in the online business space, and probably in all spaces where people are selling things based on looking successful themselves. Big numbers get thrown around, and the behind-the-scenes expenses and work get glossed over. Don’t let it make you feel “less than”, in fact, try not to look at it at all and focus on your dream and your version of success, not someone else's.

Secret #7

Do things you like to do.

It will make showing up 10x’s easier! Don’t force yourself to do things just because they are new, popular, or you think it’s the fancy or professional thing to do. You won’t like it, and you probably won’t stick with it and if you do stick with doing things you don’t like is that even success?

Secret #8

There is always a way. 

There are always options, but we can get stuck in our thinking, in our action taking, and in a rut! Get great at trying things, coming up with new ideas, asking for help, and pitching yourself. Ask yourself, what can I do now, today? Then do it!

Secret #9 

Your Comfort Zone is No Friend of Success

If you feel comfortable and confident, you probably need to make a move out of your comfort zone, stat! Unless you are as successful as you wish to be right now, I don’t think you would be reading this if you were. 

Secret #10

Failure is your friend.

Failure means you are trying, learning, growing, and most importantly doing. It is simply a part of the process, don’t try to avoid it. Embrace it! I "fail" as much as I succeed or possibly, even more, but I know each failure is just leading me to higher and higher levels of success.

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