How to create lasting change!

If you have a goal or habit you are striving for, examine what stories you are telling yourself. If your goal is to hit the gym daily but your story/belief is that the only way to be a great mom is to spend all of your non-working hours with your kids because that’s what “good moms” do, you will quickly sabotage any activities that don’t jive with that story. 

The good news is that you can change your story, and your beliefs to align your goals with your values. If you value being a great mother, connect daily exercise with having more energy for your kids and setting an example of a healthy lifestyle FOR your kids rather than the feeling that going to the gym means less time with your kids.

You could also incorporate exercise into time with your kids/family or depending on who is caring for them acknowledge the value of that relationship for your kids!

If you are not doing what you say you want to do this values-alignment is most likely the culprit! 

Next, make it a habit. It’s much easier to always do things than to have a daily inner battle over if/when you are going to do the things! If it’s important to do, it’s important to do each day or each workday (for work habits). Daily habits keep your momentum going, you’ll be making forward progress which is motivating and encouraging!

Once, a habit is established, the odd day off due to travel, health, or just a day off for the sake of it won’t break your habit. Too many days off will. 

Make it a non-negotiable. With yourself and with other people, this may mean setting some boundaries, getting up early, working late (if you got distracted or were “putting out fires”). Do what you have decided is important to you, do it first, and do it consistently. The world will adjust.

However, flexibility is needed, so be flexible on how much time you spend, where and how you do things. A 10-20 minute workout is better than none, a blog post can be typed into a phone, journaling can be done after lunch, yoga can be done in a hotel bathroom with no yoga mat! Being flexible keeps your daily habits prioritized and most importantly as habits!

Use the 80/20 rule to determine your Most Important Daily Activities. We all have probably 12-15 things that it would be amazing to get done daily, but 3-4 of those ones that make the most impact should be your non-negotiables. The rest are on the list and probably get done regularly but are not as important or impact making. 


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