Hack your way to success!

I'm slightly obsessed with "hacking myself", with discovering why I do what I do, and why anyone does what they do. It's fascinating.

Why are some people internally motivated, while others need more deadlines and accountability? Why do we make big plans and then not go all in, taking our foot off the gas at the last moment? Why are some people risk-takers and others risk-averse? Why do we have super productive days sometimes and then days or weeks of spinning our wheels making very little progress?

We are all different, and one of the most powerful things you can do is to GET TO KNOW YOURSELF BETTER. The more you get to know yourself, your values, tendencies, what motivates you and what doesn't, and what you actually like and don't like, the more you can set yourself up for success. And, I mean success in every area of your life, because what is the point of being successful in business if you don't have your health, relationships, and environment/inner peace in order.

It's a lot to think about, it's easier just to binge-watch all the things, but I really know that we are here to live life to our FULL POTENTIAL and that most of us probably aren't.....

The great news is that we can use tools like:

  • Discovering Your Personal Values
  • Journaling
  • Experimenting by trying new things (you will learn so much about what works best for YOU)
  • Following the nudges of your desires and your soul

We are influenced by so many things, our upbringing, people's opinions (and you know what they say about those), our teachers, our life experiences, and more but it's up to us what we keep and internalize and what we let go of or even make work for us! 

This is something that I work on with my coaching clients, we figure out your why's, reframe beliefs and create systems and strategies that work for you. We test things and tweak things until they work. It's also a high level of weekly accountability which usually moves people forward very quickly. After all most of us invest in things that we value, and we aren't going to waste our investment by not doing the work!

Here's an example:

A mom entrepreneur wants to make more money and she knows that doing more sales activities will help her reach more people and do just that. However, she also has a belief that increasing her sales activities will take time away from her children, and seeing more clients will take time away from her children.

What she needs/wants to do for her business is not in alignment with her values, so she continually fails to follow through on her marketing activities, but she can hack herself!

She can let go of beliefs that are no longer serving her, and develop/integrate new ones, she can create habits and routines that make her marketing activities easy, and fun and she can create ways to challenge and stretch herself.

Maybe working more means her children can spend quality time with dad or Grandma? Maybe reaching her full potential teaches her children that they can do the same, and she can start planning that dream vacation with her kids!

Message me if you have any questions or want to chat about coaching.

Remember, the little things are the big things,



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