Friday Planning & My Five Fun Things

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2022

This week and for the next few weeks, I’m going to try a suggestion from one of my favorite authors Laura Vanderkam. I discovered her books πŸ“š after I wrote Decluttering Your Schedule and I was so excited that we had come to many of the same conclusions that I almost emailed her my book, but I realized she was a “real author” with a publisher and a New York Times bestseller and I chickened πŸ₯ out… (maybe I need to revisit that!)

Anyway, I’m a fan and she swears by planning your next week on Friday which makes a lot of sense. It’s Friday and I’m a bit tired 😴 from working and doing all week but planning seems like a doable task for today. 

 Ideally, I want to work Monday thru Thursday and reserve Friday for self-care and planning only. #goals

 It’s been so full on with homeschooling I've been squeezing work in anywhere it fits over 7 days a week (can you say recipe for burnout??).  Currently, I’m not on a good schedule or any schedule. Knowing me though my schedule needs to have a lot of built-in choices or I’ll rebel against my own plan and do none of it! 

 Maybe you want to try Friday planning too? 🀷‍♀️ If you do let me know how it goes. 


My five fun things for this week! I thought I wouldn't have five because it's been a full-on work/errands/school stuff/sports, but of course, I had five because I chose to find five. 

 1. 500 Rummy with my husband and brother-in-law. I kicked their butts.πŸƒ 

2. Backpack πŸŽ’ shopping with my son. He’s a sweetheart. πŸ’—

 3. Treating myself to a pedicure today after an all-clear check-up at the dermatologist. If you have not had your yearly skin check book it today!

 4. Reading a fun fluffy novel. πŸ“š I read a lot for business and self-improvement which I love, but a good brain candy novel is just what I needed. 

 5. Planning my mom's birthday, and remembering that I ordered a present 🎁 in July (thank goodness I was thinking of future me) πŸ₯³ I left it until the last minute but my sister will be driving up with her kids so it will be a special time. 

 Remember the little things are the big things and have an amazing weekend!


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