Chasing The Insights Podcast: Leveraging Ebooks and Books to Create a 6-figure Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Come with me and listen to my most recent podcast interview! I was on the "Chasing the Insights" podcast and had so much fun being interviewed by the one and only Vince Warnock. #chasingtheinsights 

In this episode, we talked about leveraging E-books/Books to Create a 6-figure Business. I shared how I started my 25-year professional experience in the massage and spa industry then launching my first online business in 2013 and eventually focused on creating training, coaching and courses for estheticians, massage and spa professionals.

It was fun looking back and sharing how I thrived during those times. I hope I can inspire you to start or continue your journey, too. If you want to know more about my journey and how was I able to be where I'm at now, listen to this podcast!

Don't forget to get your notes and prepare a cup of coffee as you listen here.



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