5 Beliefs You Can Let Go of Today!

belief systems mindset Jun 20, 2021

Our beliefs affect everything in our lives and some of them can be old, outdated, and not helpful in the least!

Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "A belief system is nothing more than a thought you've thought over and over again."

Here are a few beliefs that you might want to consider letting go of!

1. Beliefs about your limitations. Do you have beliefs about your capabilities, having enough time, or resources that you need to revisit? What if you believed that you had plenty of time and that you are incredibly capable? How would you move through the world?

2. Anything you've believed since childhood. Now that we are grown and know that grown-ups are just people with flaws, making mistakes, and still learning, maybe it's time to let go of things that "grown-ups" said about you as a child. They were probably wrong.

3. The belief that you have to do this before you can do that! I'll start eating healthier after the weekend, I'll start writing after my website is done, I'll have nice things after my kids are grown... Why? Why is this before that? Simply because you believe it's supposed to be.

4. "I've always been this way, it's just who I am" Is it though, really? People, the world over change and grow every day, but you are just how you are? I don't think so!

5. Somebody else is responsible for my happiness and peace of mind. People will do what they do, the government will do things you disagree with, and there will always be things to worry about, stress over, and complain about. Then again, there will always be things to celebrate, appreciate, learn, and see with new eyes. The choice is yours.

Have an amazing day, and question everything, most importantly your own thoughts!



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