What is The Monthly Thing Club? 👇


Our April focus is: 

✨Easy Email Newsletters and Marketing!✨

This month you'll get the Email Marketing Challenge, 100 Ideas for Your Newsletters, Decluttering Your Beliefs Workshop and Ebook, Newsletter Templates, Reviews and more

Here's a sneak peek of the April Focus: 

Are you ready to take your email marketing to the next level? This month, we're excited to bring you many resources and opportunities to enhance your email newsletter game like never before! From insightful workshops to handy templates and many ideas, we've curated the ultimate toolkit to supercharge your email marketing strategy. This month, you'll get the Email Marketing Challenge, 100 Ideas for Your Newsletters, Decluttering Your Beliefs Workshop and Ebook, Newsletter Templates, Reviews, and more!

⭐Email Marketing Challenge

Email marketing works, but I see so many therapists avoiding it because they “don’t want to bother people”, aren’t sure what to say, aren’t sure how often to email, and get frustrated with the formatting and tech…. It’s time to figure it out and create YOUR unique and in alignment plan to take advantage of this marketing tool and fill your book!

This program will:

  • Empower you to reach out to your list, and stop leaving money on the table!
  • Help you to become confident and proud of emailing, not afraid to press send
  • Teach you the “tech” so your newsletters take just minutes to create
  • Create a strategy that feels in alignment with your goals and your business
  • Plan 3-6 months of emails and get them scheduled
  • Set up easy-to-use templates so you aren’t starting from scratch every time!
  • Show you how FUN email marketing can be
  • Get you RESULTS, clients in the door, and money in the bank

⭐Declutter Your Beliefs Workshop and Ebook

Declutter your Beliefs Today! Get ready to question everything - and make some positive changes…

What do you really believe? And how are your beliefs - some that you might have held since childhood - preventing you from moving forward with the things you want to do and the life you want to live?

You might have tried to make changes in the past - and gotten really frustrated when you just couldn’t seem to achieve what you wanted to do. You wanted it so badly; but for some reason, you self-sabotaged, gave up, or just didn’t bother because it ‘wasn’t meant for you’.

If this sounds like you, Decluttering Your Beliefs is the book for you! 

  • Bonus #1
    In 5 Years Printable Planner - Create a vision for your life with these prompts and coloring pages!
  • Bonus #2
    Release Negative Beliefs Meditation - Relax and release your negative beliefs and make room for new ones!
  • Bonus #3
    Declutter Your Beliefs Live Workshop Replay - The perfect companion to reinforce the ideas and concepts in your new book.

Also included in April:

100 Ideas for Your Newsletter list!

Templates and Examples

Newsletter Reviews with Gael

April & May Newsletter and Social Media Ideas and Resources

Your Coaching Questions Answered through our Coaching Form

You get it all as a member for just $10 per month! Members receive high-value resources each month for a small fraction of the usual price.

How can we give this much value for such a small investment? Keep reading to learn more.

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  • Each month is a deep dive into a business-building topic designed to help you grow a thriving practice that suits you. 🤗
  • All Monthly Thing Club Materials are yours to keep. Download and save what you want, and use the provided links for video and audio access.

Your "things" will be delivered to your inbox through weekly emails. Of course, you will receive an invitation to live training in advance. If you cannot attend, don't worry. A replay will be sent. 🥰

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Kim O.

"I just used Gael's content from the club and then added my info to them with Canva. Gael's Canva tutorial is very helpful!"

How I created the "Monthly Thing Club" 💡 

For months, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to offer on an ongoing basis, and I couldn’t decide which direction to go. 🤷‍♀️

Monthly workshops, templates & Chat GTP prompts, get-it-done challenges, planning sessions, and live events?

I kept saying I wished I knew what my next “thing” was!

I was saying it all along: my next thing is The Monthly Thing Club! It’s a bit like a cross between a membership and a Patreon. 😊 There’s a little bit of trust involved because you won’t know exactly what’s coming from month to month.

However, I guarantee it will be high value and designed to help you make more money in your massage or spa business. And it will be fun 🤩!

All of your “things” will be sent to your inbox. Each month, I’ll create something new and relevant that you can try out in your business. I never share from the energy of “this is how you should do business” but rather from "here are some things to try."

You and your business are unique, with many paths to success.

I want to help you get out of your comfort zone, test different strategies, and create a thriving business that feels amazing to you!

Join The Monthly Thing Club today.

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