What is the "Monthly Thing Club" 💡? 

Last year, I was trying to figure out what to offer on an ongoing basis to help the amazing massage therapists on my list reach their goals.

I couldn’t decide which direction to go. 🤷‍♀️

Monthly workshops, templates & Chat GTP prompts, get-it-done challenges, planning sessions, and live events?

I kept saying I wished I knew what the next “thing” was!

That's exactly what it was: The Monthly Thing Club!

We explore an essential business-building topic each month with training, templates, guest speakers, planners, and more!

😊 There’s a little bit of trust involved because you won’t know exactly what’s coming from month to month.

However, I guarantee it will be high value and designed to help you make more money in your massage or spa business.

And it will be fun 🤩!

 Each month, I create and gather new and relevant resources that you can try out in your business. I never share from the energy of “this is how you should do business” but rather from "here are some things to try."

You and your business are unique, with many paths to success.

You'll be inspired to get out of your comfort zone, test different strategies, and create a thriving business that feels amazing!

All of your “things” will be hosted on a private page; no password or log-ins are required. At the end of the month, you'll be sent a PDF with every resource; you can save it and refer back to the guide at any time.

Each month also includes an Email Newsletter and Social Media Ideas! Wow, that is an incredible amount of value for just $10 monthly. 

Keep reading to see what's next in the MTC Club for Massage Therapists.

Here's a sneak peek of the June Focus - Simple Social Media and Summer Success:

In June, you'll receive several social media trainings and templates including:

Summer Marketing and Promotion Ideas that will Keep You Booked and Busy, Boosting Your Revenue and Client Retention - audio training with Gael Wood


How to keep your clients coming in regularly, even during the busy summer
What kinds of NEW services and treatments you should offer in the summer
The best summer marketing and networking opportunities to build your
Great summer upsells and money-making opportunities.

Plus, valuable insights from our Instagram Marketing for Small Business - Workshop Replay!

Are you using Instagram to market your business? Instagram is a great place for small business owners to connect with local ideal clients, and it’s FUN!

In this webinar, we look at the benefits of marketing on Instagram, how it differs from marketing on Facebook, and how to get started with screen share videos to make it all the easier!

Summer Canva Templates! 30 Canva designs you can customize in minutes to help promote your services, Father’s Day, and stay consistent on social media.

And, Optimizing Your Facebook Profile for Business - quick and easy tutorial - use this simple strategy to increase referrals and bookings!

Plus, I’ll most likely add several surprises!! 🥳🥳

✨Join in June Bonuses include:

1. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Canva Trainings

2. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Gift Certificate Sales Success

3. Massage and Spa Success Guide to Rev Up Your Rebookings

4. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Sales Activities

5. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Planning for Success

6. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

7. Massage and Spa Success Guide on Website Review and Refresh!

A total value of over $300!!

Yes, Send my things!

What's in it for you each month? 💃


  • NEW Trainings, Workshops, Live Calls, Templates, or Challenges each month 💡
  • Valuable resources, courses, and more from my content vault 🤓
  • Monthly Newsletter and Social Media Ideas for your massage or spa business (say goodbye to writer's block!) 💻
  • Each month is a deep dive into a business-building topic designed to help you grow a thriving practice that suits you. 🤗
  • All Monthly Thing Club Materials are yours to keep. Download and save what you want, and use the provided links for video and audio access.

Your "things" will be delivered to your inbox through weekly emails. Of course, you will receive an invitation to live training in advance. If you cannot attend, don't worry. A replay will be sent. 🥰

Yes! Send my Things!

Sheila V.

"Gael Wood You are my hero!! Rather than flying by the seat of my pants, I’m learning to actually PLAN things!!! Thanks so much"


"Thank you so much for all of your info & empowering words! I'm trying to build my own business & I love your page! You inspire me everyday and I can't thank you enough!"

Kim O.

"I just used Gael's content from the club and then added my info to them with Canva. Gael's Canva tutorial is very helpful!"

Join The Monthly Thing Club today.

Be part of the Monthly Thing Club and receive new and relevant resources to help you and your wellness practice thrive!

I'm in! Send my things, Gael!